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The bring a Trailer site is a unique occurrence. I hope Alan's Speedster gets big bucks when he lists it. His talented work should be appreciated. I think some of the cars that wind up bringing above normal prices on BAT have a large amount of buzz created about them months before the listing in the right circle of car collectors. This buzz is created by a car promoter of sorts via phone calls, emails, chat room discussions and articles in online and in print magazines Once the car is listed the trap is set as they say and the bidding war among the rich ego driven crowd begins and basic economic theory kicks in. When the supply is less than demand the price goes up. The key word in the Bring a Trailer situation is creating a large demand among a certain group mega rich who have no limits compared to most of us on what they will spend for a car they "must have".  A legend of sorts must be created about and around a said car to insure the mega price outcome. In Alan's case his and the car's legend has been created in a relatively small group namely us and we, sad to say are not that group of people to bid his speedster into the high stratosphere of prices. I will be eager to watch his listing on BAT to see if the so-called buzz happens organically during the listing time itself which can happen and is a not so uncommon phenomenon. Lecture is over, class dismissed LOL... What a wind bag I am.. Good luck on your listing Alan.

Presentation is a huge part of the equation as well. Look at the cars that net the most money and you'll see the cars that have put the most into the presentation. Location, location, location, and lots of high quality, high resolution photos.

I still use one of the photos from one of the previous Emory Outlaw cars sold on BaT as a screen saver it was such a nice picture.

If you are a first class AV guy with a drone and editing you are good to go. If not you need to find someone on BaT with long lineage to work with (i.e. they have sold at least 50 cars). They are typically patient have a sizable following and don't respond with the well deserved " You ****ing moron" to the very large number of meaningless commentary from the peanut gallery.


I'm not sure how I feel about this car, other than that I think it's cool. More broadly, I've got a love/hate thing going with BaT.

Before they came into their own, the value of most cold war car replicas were kept down by the policies of ebay, etc. After 2005 or so, it was nearly impossible to list a speedster on the 356 section of ebay, but listing it in the "Replica/Kit Makes" section was like the kiss of death. The beautiful cars were mixed in with every weird backyard abomination anybody ever glued together.

Kirk Duncan was kicking out cars at an unsustainable rate and at a price that ensured there would be problems needing a lot of patience and money to solve. The price of his car and the policies of most of the auction sites meant that speedsters ran in the $20s on the higher end, often in the teens, and sometimes under $10K.

That was weird and stupid.

... but then came BaT. They were hinky about replicas as recently as just pre-pandemic. When Tom Boney and Marty Alphabet were selling, BaT wanted to set ridiculously low reserves on nearly perfect cars. Then the pandemic came, followed by every publication in the world announcing that the day of the gas-burning car was closing by 2030.

At that point, the lid blew off everything. Prices went bonkers. I paid more for a pickup with 75k mi than I would have for a new one in 2018.

Rising prices on everything coincided with IM ceasing production and Special Edition really scaling up eventual capacity but struggling to meet pre-pandemic production levels in the short-term (due to a lot of things out of their control all converging at once). Used speedster prices really started to move up.

Greg Leech and Cloud 9 were positioned perfectly to maximize the "new normal". Roy was specing Greg's cars beautifully, with an almost perfect understanding of what the well-heeled were wanting (and willing to pay for). Greg's production also slowed, with the outcome being that the only cars available within a normal (acceptable?) time-frame were the ones Roy was selling on BaT. Buying this way was the only way to ensure getting a good quality new replica on a time horizon that didn't stretch out for 3 years or more.

Prices went nuts.

Other cars went up with them (due to the scarcity and the halo effect), but it's been Greg's cars that have commanded really long money for pretty basic builds - by that I don't mean they aren't high-quality, I mean that they are on a pan and don't have a ton of difficult and expensive mechanicals like A/C and rollup windows and scissor soft-top frames. The cars have great stance, a great look, beautiful paint and upholstery, and are finished to a tee. They have a pure-'50s vibe that cars with more modern mechanicals did not, and the money-guys on BaT went nuts for them. Greg stopped taking orders for Subaru cars because the money (and production capacity) is in the more simple cars.

I've not been actively following other replicas (Cobras, Jags, Ferraris) other than the occasional BaT auction that catches my eye because I don't have the bandwidth at this point to watch. Prices for everything have gotten to the point that I'm not going to be left without a chair when the music stops - I'm going to be sitting in the one that I've always had and makes me happy. The bubble can keep inflating or not - I'm not watching for any reason other than to see what people are giving and getting for various cars. For reference I watched an East German Trabant sell for almost $10K (I really wanted it, for some unknown reason), so really - anything is possible at this point. There's a '40s Dodge Powerwagon with a 4 cyl Cummins that will probably go for over $100k closing on BaT today.

I'm just a pipefitter, these prices are way, way out of my league.

I hope Al can get what he needs for his car, but there are a ton of variables, and built in bias on BaT that we never talk about. We'll see. GLWTA, Al.

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@ Jimmy V    Thank you for the kind words!                                                                    Here's hoping when mine hits BAT that there is bidders that realize the overall uniqueness of the car. Appreciate any buzz that can go from here, to BAT when the Outlaw goes live. It's been a month today since it was accepted, and the listing fee paid. To date all I have received are teaser canned email mails that it is in que and the auction text is being generated. I was sold by a previous seller that BAT will expedite the no reserve to live auctions and list only a percentage of reserve auctions into the mix per week so, that may be the reason for the month-long canned emails. I went all in paying the most I've ever shelled out for a project, but the components checked all the " must have" boxes and that with the changes I made should put please who ever ends up with it ...

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