Silver With Black Interior Vintage Speedster Ready for eBay

I have mention previously that I have a silver with black interior Vintage Speedster that will soon be ready for ebay. Well, it's ready, but I'm doing something a little bit different before I put it on eBay.

I'm posting a link to a video of my Vintage Speedster (the 40th one I have had) on several of the Speedster forums. I've listed the video as private, so you won't see it listed on my YouTube page, you will only be able to access it from the link I have posted below.

As I mention in the video, once I post car on eBay, it will have a Buy It Now price of $27,500, but I will let it go for $26,500 to anyone that sees it from this link. Please do not make any offers less than $26,500, I will not accept them.

If you are seriously interested in this car, you will need to act quickly. It will require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit via PayPal or wire transfer and the balance of $25,500 will need to be made via wire transfer or with cash in person within one week. I will not accept cashier checks or any other form of payment unless it is done with you in person at your bank here in Fresno.

If you are interested or need more information email me at vanatic99 on Yahoo. My email address should also show in YouTube video description, but it's simple. It's the same as my YouTube name on Yahoo, vanatic99

Troy Sloan
I buy Speedsters.

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Ryan in NorCal posted:

Stunning work, Troy! Very well priced. (Why so low?)

Love that I get a cameo on your ad too. I'm pretty sure I saw your videos when I was researching Speedsters 2 years back. Gave me the feel of what it's like before I drove one. Actually, I've only ever driven one!

You should've brought her to Tahoe last weekend.

Thank you Ryan.  The price was a fair price and, yes I probably could have held out for more, but this is basically a hobby for me and I just need to move on to the next one.

Thank God I DIDN'T bring it to Tahoe last weekend! 

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