I have found myself not turning  my headlights off on early morning drives where I start out in the dark but then it is light when I get where I am going.

Other than some difficulty reaching the connections, this is very easy to install.

The ground goes to the IGN terminal on your ignition switch and the positive wire goes to the headlight terminal on your headlight switch.  No relay or anything else is needed.

The piezo buzzer from Amazon actually does intermittent beeps. https://www.amazon.com/gp/prod...00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 


1957 CMC (Speedster) in Ann Arbor, MI


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Michael McKelvey posted:

@Robert M I didn't wire mine that way because I still wanted to be able to use my parking lights.

@Michael McKelvey I hope I didn't imply your idea wasn't worth doing, it is. I just wanted to let everyone know there's another way to ensure your lights aren't left on. FWIW my method just feeds the headlights switched power instead of constant power. I can still run with or without headlights or just parking brakes.

IaM-Ray posted:

As we have all get older and deafened, you might need more buzzers, signal light left on....etc... or maybe cattle prods

I hear electro-shock therapy works wonders. Especially attached to your nads. They'll always be sensitive no matter how old you are LOL!

Hook up your turn signals and headlights to your nads. With the fear of shock you'll never forget! 


Nice, simple solution for one of those senior moments many of us have suffered.

But what if the battery in your hearing aid also dies?

If you don't like buzzers in your old school car, wiring a relay for the headlights to the accessory  terminal on the ignition switch lets you use the lights if the ignition's 'on' or not.

But once you walk away with the key in your pocket, you know the lights can't be on even if the headlight switch is.



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