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Sure there is a YouTube for VW bugs.  You just push the door card in around the handle then align the new handle facing up, and push in the pin.  On a VW the door pan is thin temper board and there is a spring pushing the panel with the black rosette trim bits out at the handle.  Your replica may be different.

EMPI Replacement $20 handles -

Empi Chrome Door Handles For 46-66 VW Beetle - Pair - 11-4519-B

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A little more specifically, and as Wolfgang was alluding, if you push the round trim piece at the base of the handle straight into the door, it should open a gap about 3/8" - 1/2" wide between the door panel and the handle.  Your trim collar probably fell off when the handle broke, so just push hard on the door panel where the handle goes through it.   You should see a 1/8" diameter pin going through the handle base about horizontally across the actuator shaft.  

Get a small punch or a nail about the same size as that pin and, using a small hammer, tap that pin out the other side - Don't lose the pin!  It's small and can get lost easily.  9 times out of 10, it will be slightly loose and should drive right out.

Once that pin is out you should be able to get what's left of the handle off of the shaft using a pair of pliers.  Center the trim collar, then push the new handle onto the shaft keeping it at the same angle as your other door as a reference so they don't look weird.  Check where the hole is in the shaft and handle so they line up (this may not be an issue on your handle if the pin is off-center) and insert the pin, tapping it in til it is even on both sides of the shaft.  Let the door panel and collar pop back out and you're done.

Just be aware that completing that last paragraph can be a Royal PITA because you'll soon learn that you need four hands to get it done.  The Porsche guys used to have a wedge with a slot in it to hold the door panel/collar back while you line up the handle and push the pin in with needle nose pliers to get it started.  It looked like this:


It looks easy to make out of some wood or plastic, but I don't have one.

One last thing - As you've found out, that door handle doesn't like being used as a pull to close the door.  It's just to open the latch.  I know that might come as a shock, but that's the way it is on these clown cars.  If you don't have official door pulls on your car, look around for something like this, which mounts to the top, center of the door, just below the trim bumper at the top.



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Thanks all. I do have experience in building door panels and installing handles, pins, springs and escutcheons. I guess my question is where to get a good quality handle? IMG_1601IMG_1342All the usual suppliers — SMC, Stoddard, VMC, etc — seem to have the same handle at approximately the same price. I’m assuming it’s the pot-metal version like the one that was on my car. If I could track down an OEM Porsche handle, could I assume it’s better made?


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They are all cast pot metal but some are actually nicer.  Personally I think the ones from Wolfsburg West are the best (its what I use) and they aren't crazy expensive ($20ish)  

We don't use the retaining pin, and drill and tap them for a 4mm Alan set screw (with a drop of loctite blue), accompanied by a matching dimple in the splines and a hole in the bottom of the escutcheon to pass the set screw and Alan wrench, and we also use loctite bearing sleeve retainer on the splines during install (the one from the stick, like chapstick).  I find that this combination makes them tighter, no rattles and we have very few issues

a thought for consideration- For something stronger, I have favored original VW handles. Buy once, never bent or broken again!. Chrome can typically be found in decent shape in most advertised used original handles.  Samples that need re+chroming typically sell for under 10$

  Plenty to be found in good shape on The Samba, or local VW shops.   Decent shape samples cost as much as a new repo on the sites referenced above.  Just search for door handles for 1958-1969 type 1….  under 20$ in Europe, ~40$ in the states.   Attached a sample of what looks like a decent pair.

Also, plenty advertised as 356 original door handles for ~45$, but part stamp picture shows as VW.

hope this helps.

  1. @cruzpch , you may not realize this, but Porsche part number P/N: 644.531.611.02 is the same part number as VW 113 837 225a, build for production years 1957 1/2-1967/8  for both VW and P Cars and by the same manufacturer (VW) and found on both beetles and speedsters/ Porsche A, B and C cars of those same years, and the reason why so many Porsches  have this and many other VW parts stamped across the car…. check the part stamp on an original Porsche handdle for sale or on an original car if you get the chance.   These cars share more parts than most assume.  You can confirm this in original parts catalogs as well.  

in the last 10-15 years as reproductions have been licensed by both Porsche and VW, the parts are sold under each specific manufacturer p/n at different pricing to cater to each OEMs licensing agreements and consumer group.  Pick your poison. The part is the same :-)

I personally prefer to buy a German/euro made original used or NOS when possible.  Parts are beefier and tend to be of better quality.

if you ever want to go down the rabbit hole of original 356 Porsche manuals, literature, sales brochures, etc…this is a great resource for Pcar owners and hobbyist.  https://derwhites356literature...nicalLiterature.html  https://derwhites356literature...WhitesBookIndex.html

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