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Hi All -

Hope everyone is healthy and doing well. I realized I was missing the rubber gasket that goes around the deck lid grill. Ordered one from Stoddard  and went at it - and failed miserably. There does not seem to be enough room between the grill and the opening. My car is 2006 Vintage with the Carrera louvers. I have seen a pile of them on the site with the gasket installed.

Is there a trick to it?

Thanks a million -

Scott S



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@aircooled posted:

Why would you need a gasket ?  What is it designed to seal ? Perhaps to eliminate a potential rattle ?.  Never knew there is such a thing................Bruce

Its seems that gaskets were used in many metal to metal contact areas such as the engine grille, horn grilles, handles, lights, etc.  My guess would be to reduce rattles and rubbing the paint, resulting in more rust issues.  One of the things the German engineers did not put much effort into with their early cars was corrosion protection.

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When I brought my 2003 VS from the original owner it was missing a few gaskets where things (grill, hood trim, door handles, etc.) we’re mounted to the body.

I am a firm believer that anywhere something is mounted to a painted body surface there should be a barrier (a.k.a. gasket).  It doesn’t seal a darned thing with the grill but it keeps the paint from chipping at the edges.

I seem to recall buying all the rubber bits I needed from Kirk and Mary before they sold the business.  I imagine they aren’t too terribly hard to find if you look in the right places: Vintage Motorcars or Special Edition.

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