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Trying to  gauge interest in another SoCal cruise. The usual destination options; Rock Store/Mulholland, Tuna Cyn/Topanga, Latigo Cyn/Decker Cyn. etc.

Time frame between Jan 18 - Feb 9. Usual rendezvous at Topanga Ranch Motel in Malibu Beach (PCH/Topanga Cyn).

DSCF0056Chime in with your suggestions for day & SoCal destination. 

@Karyadi @Tom Murtaugh @Dutch @jprpdr @*LongFella @Michael B (aka bluespeedster SoCal) and anyone else in the vicinity of L.A.

SOCers south of Orange County, chime in with suggestions for cruise dates and destination in your locale (Palomar, Warner Springs, Borrego Springs, Anza Borrego, etc.). Rendezvous at Pala Casino gas station, Hwy 76 

Palomar Mountain front@RacerX @Larry Bull @Dan Stewart

MusbJim - aka; El Guapo, the most guapo hombre in all of SoCal! 


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  • Palomar Mountain front
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