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At the present time I am leaning towards buying a Kitman tube chassis. However, from what I can see in their pictures, I will have to source my own IRS trailing arms and I have yet to find a supplier for that. Now before any of you go rush and pull up a link for those 3x3 that seem to be everywhere, I don't think those are a direct replacement because they don't have the cups for the lower strut connection. I have yet to see any aftermarket offerings that have this cup. So are there sources out there where I can add trailing arms to the Kitman tube chassis?

Also, if anyone has opinions on Kitman's reputation, I'd be happy to hear it and save me from a bad purchase.

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I'm drawing a blank on exactly what you're looking for (and why it would be different from a 1970-ish VW or Porsche 924 diagonal arm).

Can you post a photo of what you're looking for?


Mine for a '69 VW sedan look like this - What are they missing?  A cautionary note:  the 924 uses dual spring plates per side but only year 1969 VW did the same.

VW Diagonal Arm

Here's the same thing for a 77 - 82 Porsche 924 from eBay:

Porsche diagonal arm


Images (2)
  • VW Diagonal Arm
  • Porsche diagonal arm
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He's asking, @Gordon Nichols (et al), because unless you know about TheSamba, or live in a market big enough to have an ACVW subculture (which is to say, "not very many places above the Mason/Dixon line"), there are not many places to just order a set of trailing arms. Doing a Google search is not particularly helpful.

It's a similar situation to the "OG VW doghouse shrouds are the best" advice people routinely give here. That's all well and good, but unless you have access to a vintage VW salvage yard, it's not very helpful.

@RobertCalifornia - TheSamba is probably your best bet for finding most of the bits and bolts you're going to need all the way through this project.

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@DannyP posted:

$170 stock arms sandblasted and powdercoated for the pair:

And 1.5" narrowed per side($350 pair):

And narrowed very well by Kevin at Mendeola(coolrydes), $440:

All great links, thank you! I may be able to find what I need after all

@WOLFGANG posted:

Building a VW pan piece by piece will get cost very quickly.  Plus you could buy wrong grade bolts and it could be unsafe.  Probably cheaper to buy used and refurbish.

I am starting to think in this same direction. You almost need a donor car even if you go with the tube chassis. If anything, it saves you on the nickel & diming on fasteners and the like. I'd hate to have to do that just to get this project off the ground - with the tube chassis and donor alone I'd be pushing $10k or so.

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