Spark Plug Seals

My spark plug seals have become loose and floppy and don't press against the openings.  They just slide away on the wires.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what would improve the seal?  Are there some seals that work better than others?

It would be so much easier if the opening in the tin was in a flat plane like it was on a single port head.

I have some Toyota FJ tie rod boots that are approximately the right diameter and they have a lip to grab the edge of the opening but I don't think they would conform to the "bent" opening.

1957 CMC (Speedster) in Ann Arbor, MI

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I wound up buying some seals from because their picture on their website looked better than others.

The old ones were distorted and loose on the wires.  The cooling air blew them away from the openings.  

I put zip ties around the new ones to try to squeeze them tighter on the wires.  I think I will also put zip ties on the wires right behind the seals to keep them from sliding.

I used my borescope to look at #1 & #3 to check if they were sealing.

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