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I am new to the speedster world but have built and owned muscle cars and the likes for several years, this will be on the other side of the spectrum for me but will be a car my wife wont be afraid of, hopefully!  I am sure to have many questions in the future but have been trying to educate myself through the knowledge expressed by you all.  About the car, seal grey metallic  with baseball glove interior, all the traditional trim with IRS, 2320cc upgrade and sidewinder exhaust along with a few other goodies built by Greg at Vintage Motorcars.

Look forward to tapping into the knowledge of you all in the future hopefully you will be gentle with an old big block Chevy gear head!new speedster 2new speedster 1 This is a very similar car, fell in love with it at Barrett Jackson but the bidding went to high!   Mine will be better!!


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Welcome, Jeff!

Looks like a great car for you and the power to weight ratio should remind you of your muscle cars - That car's gonna SCOOT!

As Stan mentioned, a number of us came from the world of Muscle cars and/or Hot Rods and some still are in that side of the hobby, too.  Knowledge abounds here.

Enjoy the car and, as you already know, don't be afraid to ask questions.  Just beware of thread drift!

Welcome To The Madness Jeff!  It's going to be a gorgeous car. What's going on it for wheels- steel with hubcaps like in the pics?  Do you know if it's swingaxle or Independent Rear Suspension (irs)?  Discs on the front and drums/back or discs all around?  I'm an old VW guy but my brother has always been into V8's so I've heard all the questions (as have most of us).  Don't be afraid to ask, as there are no dumb questions (well, there are, but we'll forgive you at first).   Airflow and oil temps are everything with these little watchwinders.  When do you take delivery?  What part of the continent do you hail from?  A lot of us are on a first name basis here, so you can call me Al (come on, you know the tune!)

PS- do you remember what ring&pinion went in your transaxle?  I have so many questions but I'm trying to start slow!   And I agree with Uncle Stan- you're gonna fit in here just fine.  But when your car arrives, we are going to need pics.  Lots and lots of pics...

Jeff, the Speedster may look all friendly for the wife, but with Greg's 2332, it's gonna MOVE! You won't be disappointed, just take it easy when the wife rides with you.

Be careful with lifting off the throttle in a corner, all that engine weight in the back tends to make the ass want to come around. Have fun!

Al, Jeff ordered an IRS car, but you'll have to wait on the trans ratios.........

I'm pretty sure most cars Greg is building have 4 wheel discs these days, especially with a 2332 out back. Mostly the SoCal discs.

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Good morning!

Thanks for all the quick replies, I'm used to waiting a couple days on the Chevelle forums!  So ALB the car does have IRS and the 2332 will be coupled to a 3.44 R&P transmission with a VS quick shifter, I  was going to powder coat the aluminum rims black but wasn't sure how that would play with the dark grey, can always do that one later, I believe all of Greg's builds have 4 wheel disc brakes now, this one does.  I live here in Vacaville, California which is considered northern CA.  We live out in a rural area with some acreage allowing me to have a nice shop to tinker and wrench and insulate me from the liberal wack jobs, sorry if I  offended anyone with that, actually not really!

Thanks to all and I will be leaning on you all as time goes on, should have the car in about 3 weeks maybe sooner!

@Jeff C  Welcome!  I'm located in Concord, and drive my speedster all over the Bay Area; especially up to Novato (for cars and coffee when those used to happen) and trips up to Napa Valley.

I'm a bit of a wuss and rarely drive during the hot summer days out here when temps go beyond 90-95 degrees.  But do enjoy morning and evening cruises during the summer.

I hope to see your car in person. 



Great stuff fellas, thanks for all the kind replies! Rick I am surprised I haven't seen your spyder around town, I am always looking for any classics while I'm out and about, I appreciate the offers for help as well from all!  I have a two post lift and a drive on as well if any of you guys near by need to get your cars up in the air for anything.  That's the thing I like about the car community, most folks are ready and willing to help or just hang out and have a cold one and shoot the sh#%.

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