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Thank you for that.  What was the tell?  All things being equal, what would you value it at please?

Thanks again for taking the time to advise, I appreciate it!

Mostly the horn button.   Very hard to tell for sure, but the engine grill appears to be the hibachi style grill. The dash with 3 large gauges and vinyl that doesn't extend all the way to the doors appears to be from Vintage, which is very common on lots of updated CMC and FiberFab cars. As far as I know original CMC cars came with 2 large gauges and 2 smaller gauges that were typically mounted one above the other between the 2 larger gauges.

CMC for sure - "Vintage" marked gauges (by Johnson Controls) were the most supplied CMC gauges ($325) - but they offered VDO 356 gauges --- both were an additional cost.  Tach/Speedo/amp/oil pressure/oil temp/gas included.  The badge on the hood handle also originally had the CMC Speedster Classic crest (same size as original 356 Porsche crest).

Classic Speedster badgecmc badge

Image result for vintage cmc gaugesImage result for vintage cmc gauges


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See you are in Ft Lauderdale - CMC headquarters was nearby in Miami. My estimate would be $16-25k.  Variable are: disc brakes (front/rear)? Engine is 1915 cc with small dual ICT carbs.  Oil leaks? Good compression/smooth running/no over heating? Looks like cooling tin around engine missing (appears to be able to see asphalt)? Are tires recent (replace after 6-8 years - especially in FL).   Clean chrome wheels with nipple hub caps - assume 4 bolt. Paint appears good (they came colored gel coat). 914 gauges. Recent VS interior.  Good color combo.  Haartz cloth top and frame? Full tonneau (I don't see snaps on front dash by windshield) or just the 1/4? Exhaust doesn't look familiar. Titled how?

$20k -

$22.5k -


Alan, Wolfgang - thank you for your input, your experience provides valuable insight into the current market.  I agree, it seems the CMC cars are at the lower end of the value spectrum.  

Right or wrong, the benchmark I’ve been using is a brand new Vintage Speedster built to my spec for $33,900. Beck or IM will command more, apparently, and CMC substantially less.  Feel free to tear that theory apart - I don’t know what I don’t know!

Thank you all, again, I appreciate the input.  

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