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update  Sold in a day.  I’ll be back someday, I miss her already!

I’m buying a house. I’ll definitely get another one some day. Such an amazing car. I’ve got a brand new 2276 with Dellorto carbs that runs like a scalded ape. Roughly 180hp and new discs all around to stop. She draws a ton of attention. Leave her with the patina look or finish her up. The price is right and leaves room for either.

The bad that needs addressed. It’s got a nuisance oil leak that I haven’t had time to track down and the proper mufflers were back ordered. These work, sound and flow fantastic but I don’t care for the look. My mechanic loves the look so who knows. The tach isn’t working. Everything else has been wired up, new fuses and all the signals are functional. The interior looks better in pictures than in person but everybody loves the car.  I’ve got about a year left on a bonded title. (No title when purchased) Details in the link. The magneto needed points, it has an ignition on it now and runs amazing.

Details of the build are here. I need to dig up the engine specs but it has a ton of soCal trick parts.

Send me a PM with your phone number but have your research done on this site, permission from your significant other and cash lined up before you message me. I’m 6’4. You’ll fit. 6EBE8407-3953-4F3E-87F2-A8F7B11771BF8B2D05B4-118F-4580-9E87-8651419A0CFFDACC9671-748E-4E78-A3B0-F0D12BA476349746B007-06A7-47C7-B233-0715E9AB94AE


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  • 6EBE8407-3953-4F3E-87F2-A8F7B11771BF
  • 8B2D05B4-118F-4580-9E87-8651419A0CFF
  • DACC9671-748E-4E78-A3B0-F0D12BA47634
  • 9746B007-06A7-47C7-B233-0715E9AB94AE
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