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Hello, I’ve haven’t been here in a few years. I thought it was time to dust off my contraption.

I’m sure some of you remember when I was building this thing. Glad to see some of you are still here. Whatever happened to Cory’s build?

C0525463-2082-4920-B8E2-5A9746F67F841D48937A-11D6-4A6C-9F73-92054B636BACEFA81C34-3718-44CD-91E0-E470DB5FA5CB64C1CE51-9AA8-4810-B7FC-272125D728EAFD0A9EDA-05F5-4C37-A01B-6F4BDB64CCF3You can look thru my post history for older pictures.


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@bt  Wow!  That Ghia has come a long way.

Cory's Speedster has received a few "upgrades" along the way.  He finally painted it (all of it, this time) and added fender darts, added a pair of Recaro-like seats that I had kicking around and Danny P donated a Eberspacher gas heater for those crisp evening cruises.  Other than that, it's still the same old Hooptie.  He and Jeni have moved from greater Baltimore to greater Gettysburg, PA and are currently building their "Dream Home".

I kinda moved on but a young guy at work was talking about something wrong with his car and I told him what to check. All the other young guys were surprised that I knew about cars.

Talking with them and seeing their enthusiasm, kinda rekindled my appreciation for this hobby.

This started out as a crashed Ghia. I was going to make it Suby powered, with a serious  “Germanlook”, hince the side grills.  My taste changed and I went more towards a coach built look.

Two of the things I like in this picture are the grills are from late model (2000’s) Jaguars (they have  chrome around the speakers)And the seatbelt holder I made that attaches to the headrest. He drove me crazy having to find that shoulder strap every time I got in the car. As you can see, it’s just a solid rod welded and painted to fit



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