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I wasn't trying to be mean, BUT, in this day and age of overly sensitivity and not being able to handle the truth, I guess one could see it that way. (I could add another movie clip, but I won't)

If he can't get over the bitterness and is unable to sort the car himself, then selling and getting something else is the best thing he can do. A man has GOT to know his limitations.

Good luck.

Nuff said.

Ed, mean has nothing to do with it. If this is the "guy"; he did not know what he was buying. Many see the bling and have no concept of the mechanics. The expectation of buying a "New Replica" that it is similar, in any way, to buying a Detroit built by the millions car has only fooled himself.

I wonder if he ever checked the brake fluid in anything...not a big deal.

He made the right choice to sell the car. We've had discussions about how big the "tent" is. It's not really that big. Those of us who have been in this expensive hobby, for a while, know that if you can't fix it yourself you better have lots of money. The bling gets people who should be driving "REAL" cars.

What Carlos said; "a man's got to know his limitations"

You know that

Just my humble opinion

Wow that may be the worst advertising I have ever seen for any car ever. Not piling on but there has to be a better way to say the car needs some sorting. Directly from his ad : "This was built in Scottsdale Arizona three years ago by people that do not know how to assemble Speedsters replicas. This is a garage queen and should not really be driven on the roads but maybe around the block in your neighborhood."


Have we considered the possibility that our friend may not want or need to sell the car? I always assume that when somebody is acting against their stated goal (selling a car with a "for sale" ad, in this instance), there is something else at work.

This is an ad in the Phoenix Craigslist. It may very well be designed to be an embarrassment to the builder who is from Scottsdale.

If that's not it, it's the most bit of ad copy I've ever seen.

Either way, $19K is a steal.

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