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The world has gone certifiably mad.

A long time ago.

OTOH, look at us-- dumping real money into Tupperware copies. 

Yeah, Stan, but in comparison, it's only a little money...

I’m going to take a stab here and suggest what I spend on my Speedster, proportionally speaking, is more than what the buyer of this original speedster will spend in terms of speedster to net worth ratio. 

Honestly, guys, the price is WAY cheap by current standards (stupid, yes). An auction estimate of $125-150k for a car like that is not realistic. I went to see a Speedster in Costa Mesa in 2016 with the floors completely rotted out -- and they sell in the mid $100k range (see picture -- I went with the late Bill Doyle's [4 cam legend] former right hand man, Scott, a buddy of mine).

This car is a 1958 super (the BEST Speedster year and spec you could get short of a 59 Carrera GT) and it is all there, sans side spears. That is the key -- original parts that can be restored. $150-200k later with Willhoit on the body and Victor Miles on the trim, and this will be a $600,000 car. I see the car going for $250k all day long.

Gee...maybe I should register...




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