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Hello all,

I regrettably am listing my Speedster project for sale, along with all the parts I've collected to this point.  I don't expect to recoup my investment, but please make me a reasonable offer.  If you are within a reasonable distance, I may be able to deliver.
The car was built by Rock West Racing  here in San Diego, CA.  RWW purchased some of the assets and molds from Custom Coach Works, previously known as Thunder Ranch.  It is a fiberglass body bonded to a tube-frame chassis, which utilizes the center section (with VIN number) and front/rear suspension of a VW bug - for which I have the pink slip, 1970.
The doors, hood, and deck lid are not hinged nor latched, and I do not have a steering column - past that I essentially have the "Speedster Builder Kit” shown on the RWR site here.  The car is currently sitting atop a rolling, steel-frame cart which is included with the car.
You can see it has a windshield but it is cracked,  I do however have a new window frame, chromed window frame supports, and the aluminum coping for the bottom of the window.
The saran wrapped object on the floor is a new (reconditioned) front beam.  It’s ready to go, just needs to be greased.
I have body moldings for the rocker panels and the bumpers (both aluminum backing plates and rubber).  These are made by Sierra Madre.
The photo of brown/white cardboard boxes (8 in total) are four steel wheels, and four disc brake/rotor/spindle sets from Empi in wide-5.
You can see in the shot through the rear deck lid, that the chassis also has IRS trailing arms attached. The shot of the interior shows both doors in the seat wells, front and rear bumpers with supports glassed in, and a spare bumper, a fiberglass tunnel cap, (2) seat brackets), and (2) seats (one upholstered, one bare) as they’re used. Plus a few ratcheting tie downs - goes with car as well.
I can’t name all the new goodies in the frunk offhand but I’ll list the majority:
(3) head lights, Bosch alternator, door handles inside, door handles outside, license plate mount and light housing, deco bumper horns, beehive tail light covers, rear decklid grille, cables (clutch and or throttle) shift levers, turn signal lever, gas tank float, pedal set, windshield wipers blades, dash grab handle and gasket, front beehive covers, front horn grilles, hood latch, hood hinges, hood handle (2), lug nuts (20), distributor cap, oil filter relocation diverter, and remote oil filter housing, ignition key, eyebrow for the dashboard, type 1 Porsche replica valve covers, etc...
Below are a few examples of completed Speedster kits from RWR:


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If you change your mind and want a road trip (ROAD TRIP!!)  I just might know someone not only with many, many miles of trailering experience, but has made the I-40/44/70 trip a few times and might not get lost (much).  

Jus' sayin.....    

Hey, what about Robert M?  He's hauling a trailer load of butterflies to Bremen, IN to pick up Anand's Spyder, so there's half the trip right there!  A few extra bucks for some Colorado micro-brew on the way through (each way) and he might be all set!

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