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Cherry Red Speedster Replica for sale. Needs some love and attention, but when clean - is beautiful! Purchased from Classic Motor Carriages.

The car was barely driven - it may have a broken front axle.

Top pictures of car when new and tended to. Bottom pictures of the car currently - with some love and attention, she can be back to her former gorgeous self!

Location: Whitestone, NY

Porsche replicaporsche replica 25596482853222352563-979482184260588141PXL_20231017_153744318PXL_20231017_153746737PXL_20231017_153543545


Images (7)
  • Porsche replica: picture of car when it was clean
  • porsche replica 2: picture of car when it was clean
  • 5596482853222352563: current condition
  • -979482184260588141: current picture
  • PXL_20231017_153744318: current picture
  • PXL_20231017_153746737: current picture
  • PXL_20231017_153543545: current picture
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