That would be a 2-gauge dash (no, not the dash shown), pre-A or “Gmund” car, with the Cabriolet-style windshield and beehive tail lights, among a bunch of other differences. Better to call it a “1957” to be closer to reality, even with that strange dash.

It sits a bit high regardless of the wheel size, but that is easily changed to bring it down where it belongs (although I agree that with those 17” rims, tire interference may have been a reason for it sitting so high).  

Other than that, it screams CMC/Fiberfab “California” kit from the off-center steering column to doortop bumpers to steering wheel.

If you are interested in this car, please make sure you find someone who knows about Speedster Replicas to go look at it for you and make an assessment.  There are enough errors in the ad that point out that the “seller” doesn’t know the car or the hobby so you’ll need someone who does to cover your back.  

My price guess is this car is worth $16K - $20K max, but you never know what the heck they’ll bring at auction.  

It would be great if someone can post how these cars did at Mecum. 

I sold a Super Widebody at Mecum in Monterey a few years ago.  It didn't sell during the auction, but Mecum approached me afterwards with an offer I accepted.

It's incredible to watch what is going on behind the scenes at one of these auctions.  I highly recommend going. 

I was thinking crookedness was just angle of the camera shot - but then a shot of front end has the turn signals/horn grills shifted to the left when looking at the car.  Must have been a one-eyed builder? The engine was made in Brazil though.

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