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CMC supplied JC Whitney like roll of silver chrome plastic stick on ding strip.  VS and others use VW bug polished aluminum OEM strips but it requires the use of VW plastic snaps (photo 1) which require holes drilled.  Some pieces get cut and bent at cut end. Also available in stainless steel.  I have extruded aluminum strips that use the OEM Porsche connectors (photo 2) --- again holes required.

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The belt line trim from Vintage Motor cars California , is " hollow " on the back side ,  uses the nylon clips and needs to be drilled.  I have used IM trim in the past too that is solid but still required drilling . ( might be able to use 3M's double sided emblem tape) for the solid trim. Not sure what Beck Special Edition uses.

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I got my side trim from Stoddard. It is an exact replacement for the real 356 speedster. It has a slot on the inside that snaps onto metal clips. I fought this for a few hours and went a different direction. I got #8 screws that are 1 inch long with a pan head. I ground the  sides of the head off to make a T-bolt of sorts. I drilled the holes and used 3M  black press caulk to hold the screws at a slight angle in the slot.. I pushed the threaded screws through the holes and used a flat washer, and a split lock washer. I snugged them up.  The trim has never moved and stays on the car without a worry of it popping off from a failed plastic or metal clip

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