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My first advice would be to not cross-post three times.

Second, I've never heard of a FWD Spyder, and would be curious what that would be like given the mid-engine configuration.

There are a host of RWD spyders with subie engines, probably Turbo, too, although you don't need it with a 1500lb car with 1950s aerodynamics.

You can get a 5 speed using a 915 transmission, if inclined. Some have utilized the entire suspension set-up and transmission from a Porsche 914, which is apparently very cool.
I am putting a 2.5l suby in mine with a type1 swingaxel transmission with a flipped ring gear. (Outfrontmotorsports and Rancho)
The reason I went this way is that it is the simplest, most, done way.
You can go with the suby transmission, but then you have to figure out the suspension on your own. There is a guy on the spyderclub forum in Alberta that is going with his own dedion suspension and a modified 4wd trans with the plate from Australia to make it a 2wd unit. He has talked about all of the stuff he has had to make on his own, if you are a skilled fabricator and have the time, that might be the way to go.
The other way is to use the 914transmission (model915) , but the same thing is true for the suspension. My kit is set up for a swingaxel.
Thunder Ranch will take a 911 set up, and the Chamiox/Beck cars are doing an Audi/Golf/Polo car so that might be the way to go for the IRS setup.

Don't forget the plumbing for the radiator

Or just buy this one as it is already in Canada
There are a couple of years of Subaru Legacy that are 2wd (front wheel drive). Those transaxles are the easiest to use for a spyder.

You can also convert a 4wd subie transaxle to 2wd. Other options are to use a vw box as mentioned above, go wide on the ratios and weld the gears, a 914 box (side shift is the best but rear shift will work - they are all 5 speeds internally they are essentially 901's), or the box from a 911 (early is a 901, then 915 is the 70's early 80's box) either work by flipping the ring and pinion. You'll pay more for those obviously.

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