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Everyone who got through those days remembers them fondly. Remember to pour one out for the ones who didn't. . . .

Dean comes to mind

This reminds me of a story I read. 

In 1952, Ferrari scrambled for a driver to race the Mille Miglia for them (their driver, Ascari, was penalized for killing people and had to sit out a few races).  Ferrari asked a driver, Giovanni Bracco to race for them. Bracco had the reputation for being a drunk.  

Mercedes was heavily favored to win the race with their Silver Bullets. Well, they lost. To Bracco. 

After the race, Mercedes was questioned as to how they lost the race. They said it’s simple. Bracco was drunk during the race. He drove in ways a sober person wouldn’t. 

As an aside, reporters would wonder how many liters of petrol the V12 Ferrari was consuming against how many liters of booze Bracco was consuming. 

I’ve attached a photo of the 1952 Miglia winner to this post; as seen on the lawn of Pebble Beach. 


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1967, and we're heading to Craigsville Beach on Cape Cod in Hot Rod Charlie's mom's Buick Elektra 225 on the newly finished, lower end of I-495.  

We're cruising along at 75-80 or so, radio blaring, us talking, lots of wind noise, etc.  Then, in between songs on the radio, someone says "Hey!  What's that sound?"

Charlie turns the radio off and we all listen and the engine is really winding.

Suddenly, he pops the shift lever from "2" to "D", the engine calms down and he looks around and says "Shoot!"

He had it in "2" ever since we left the house, over a half hour earlier.........

Surprisingly, that engine took it and was fine, never burning oil or anything, for the next couple of years til she traded it in.

One of my high school buddies had a 63 Belair that smoked like it was on fire. It needed rings in the worst way. One day he pulled up in front of my house to pick me up and I noticed his car wasn't smoking. I asked if he got it fixed and he responded, no, it only smokes when there's oil in it. If I remember correctly it was a straight six. 

Wen I was a kid, my Dad had a work car a '59 Chevy straight six, that smoked when you let off on the gas and accelerated again do I mean smoked...We were out during errands on a Saturday heading home on a back road when some as clown was riding dad's bumper.....Dad floors the car for a bit then backed off waited a few seconds and floored it again laying down a smoke screen which was promptly followed by the guy in back of us driving into a ditch and some rocks .....:~)

A friend's wife driving his car got an engine light,  she continued without stopping, fried the engine and her explanation..... I just had to make that appointment. 

Paul....Did you get to where you were going ?.

Smokey Yannick used to write for a magazine. I think Popular Science or Mechanics. He told a story about some car he had and hated it so he gave it to his Wife.  She called him one afternoon and said that the car was making a funny noise. He told her to "Ignore it and turn the radio volume up"....Bruce

RE:  Your polished aluminum.

Sharkhide from Eastwood is really good stuff.  Applied by wiping it on.

Re-apply in 6 months to a year.  Easy and is good stuff IMO.


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...I’ve attached a photo of the 1952 Miglia winner to this post; as seen on the lawn of Pebble Beach...


So Bracco WAS drinking.

How else would the car end up on somebody's lawn?


Eastwood's "Diamond Coat Clear" is some good stuff!  I've done intakes and aluminum wheels and have never yellowed or peeled and is fuel resistant & heat resistant to 600 degrees   This is the same clear I use over black paint ~

Went down to Rancho yesterday and picked up my Suby trans. I then took it over to Greg at VMC and he said keep it for a few more weeks because the frame and body are not ready yet. So home it went. Probably just as well because I need to give it a clear coat of Eastwood rattle can spray anyway. Thanks for the tip Alan !

The shifter end is not complete because Greg has to do his magic on that end since this is a mid engine project. Ranch took photo's of it and they are already up on their website. I noticed today that this transaxle has an oil level dipstick on it !  That's nice. and it will be as easy to check as the engine oil ! 

The engine and transaxle are now ready pretty much to go.............Bruce

Actually, I'm thinking of "ghosting" those strips with boarder lines in gold and faint spider webs in the center field. I sorta like this one as a start and then modify it's shape to gently fit within the gold border. What do you guys think ? Anyone want to try and computer design something that would look cool ?


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I like the silver on the Spyder but there are just so many of them on the road. Normally I don't go thru a lot of anxiety choosing a cars color but for some reason I am on this one. I never thought I would own a Red car but the last one was and I loved it !  So did the guy who bought it ! Ha Ha...Maybe a darker silver ?.

To me, that strip on the rear fender top of a Spyder is just too much. I like that it fits but just painting it a contrasting but complementing color with a border is distracting to me and the rest of the car.........Bruce

Be BOLD, Bruce!  Choose a color you LOVE, not one that others have used before you! You're on the West Coast!  where bold colors are the norm!

I saw the Pearlescent White on my car on an Audi in the parking lot at work.  I thought I loved it, it was just beautiful.

Then I left work late a few days later and it was sitting in the lot under Mercury Vapor lights and, Oh my God, but did it ever glow.  That sold me, and apart from Marty Grinzieskowitch(sp?) using just my base cream coat and no Pearl metallic (or something pretty close), I have never seen another one my color.

Go for it!

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I talked to Kevin at Coolrydes Customs/Mendeola Suspensions today. The conversation was about installing his front suspension in my Spyder. Greg has not installed one in a Spyder. Greg asked me to call Kevin about borrowing a system to see how it would fit up in a Spyder with the rack and piñon steering, radiator and gas tank all up there. It seems neither know so Kevin said he would try to drive up from the San Diego area,  bring up some components etc. and meet with Greg to look into it a little more. Kevin told me that he makes a unit that is 3' narrower to allow clearance for the wheels and wider stance of the brake system (Wilwood). This may happen on Friday next. If not a little later.  That is all the updates for now.......Bruce

Just thought I'd post this for something to say about my project. Got the license plates today from DMV. They only give me 15 days to put them on a car so this means that I had to take the plates off our Honda Element along with the registration and go down to DMV.  At DMV, I give them the Honda registration and plates and they assign the new Legacy Plates to the Honda. This way when it's time to hang the Legacy Plates on the Spyder, I go to DMV again to switch the plates from the Honda over to the Spyder and get a regular set of plates on the Honda again. A little extra work but worth it in the end.

I had the opportunity to get the "MODL 550" Legacy style plates back in January when they became available. I did that and I just now got them. It takes a while.

Anyway, this part is done. Now I have to get the right car attached to them


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I have decided to go with the Mendeola front suspension like Theron is installing in his Carman Ghia project. If you don't know what it is, go to, mendeolasuspension.com to view it. Kevin is the owner and I'm trying to get him and Greg at VMC together to see what needs to be done. This Spyder is new ground for both of them. I'm thinking that a version thats 3" narrower may be necessary. I backed off on the Vredestein tires for now because I may be looking at a totally different size for the rear with an IRS back there and also the front with the Mendeola suspension. Wilwood brakes will be on the front and probably on the rear too. These calipers may influence what tire size I end up with too..........Bruce

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