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My newly purchased JPS Spyder came with a removable soft top with side curtains.  It seems to be well made and in good shape, never used or installed.  

I’m wondering who makes these and what are some references/resources for installation techniques, hardware (no latches), etc.  

I don’t think I’ll bother installing, but would just at least like to know more about the process  

thanks for any info  


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Speaking of which, are you ever going to finish that top project, Danny?  It's turning into a Wolfgang-type project, ya know.

Hardee har har. I got the top 5 years ago. Remind me when I'm at 30 plus years...

I don't know if I'm ever going to finish it. The folding frame will not fit in my frunk with the brake ducts.

I've got the enclosed trailer now. No real need.

At least I'm not throwing in the towel, eh?

Well, after examining the car and the top more carefully, it is clear that it had been installed previously.

On the car are 8 fastening points, two hooks to engage latches along the front windscreen, two buttons at the each rear side and two hooks in back to engage with the rear of the top.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, someone removed the latches from the front and back of the top itself.  pretty discouraging, and no one knows who or how that happened.

Looks like the rear hooks were snipped out and the front ones were just unscrewed, leaving holes behind.


I guess i'll have to source the front latches, and do some stitching in the rear, not sure how those were attached previously.  Will contact Beck as suggested above, appreciate all the input.


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On the sides, there appear to be Tenax fasteners, which require a special Tenax stud to be installed at each location on the car body. There are two sizes, German and British.

There is nothing missing from the top in the rear. There is a steel piece that hooks into two aluminum pieces that are installed on the rear deck/clamshell of the Spyder.

Carey sells the aluminum pieces, the latches/catches and the Tenax studs. One stop shopping.

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