I have a near new Spyder top and bows for sale. It came with my Spyder but was never installed. Excellent condition. $1,000 or best offer. Spyder has been sold so I have no use for these.

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No Greg, I purchased a top used from Ray Colbert in Pittsburgh PA. It was on his Vintage Spyder. That got destroyed in my 2016 wreck.

I'd kind of like to have a top for the new car. I'm thinking about it Jim.....

The tops Carey provides now have two aluminum clips on the rear deck and a wire bow to snap into said clips. I have a couple of those clips, but none of the windshield hardware. That stuff is easy to get from Carey. 

I've never seen a top with arms that connect to the windshield header.

Are there side curtains of any kind?

Jim, I am interested in this top. I just saw your reply to this thread. I was planning on making plexiglass side curtains/windows anyway.

Getting in/out: Honestly it isn't so much a matter of height as it is flexibility. I came home one night and it was after a rain with the top up. After I hit the remote and pulled into the garage, I un-gracefully plopped out of the car onto the garage floor. My hand slipped when getting out, I usually push/pull myself out with right hand splayed on the rear fender and left hand on the sill. Once your torso is out and butt is on the sill, it's not so bad.

I'd really like to modify the rear window area of this top so it can fit over my headrest/fairing. That would be a very sweet thing.

I still have the BECK Spyder top and bows for sale. There must be one of us that's vertically challenged enough to get in the car with the top up. If my Spyder had a top I'd still be driving it.

Somebody NEEDS this. It's just sitting collecting dust. Will trade for most anything. Christmas Special; $800

I have a top that came with my Beck Spyder, which is probably identical to the one above.  Top only, no side windows.   If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll go dig it up and take pictures.    I have the low plexi windshield so I don't have use for this.  

Here are some pics.   Its a but dusty/dirty after sitting in the corner of my garage but it should clean up nicely.   From what I can tell it is identical to the one above but mine has the clips.


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