I had forgotten about Starke and the mostly unpleasant threads that criticized its pedigree and marketing philosophy, until I saw their ads on this site.  I REALLY hope this query doesn't go down that road again.  I am not looking for a flame war.

My questions:

Are there any reviews of actual cars on the road?  I can't find any.

Anyone know an owner?  Any owners on this site?

I can find some marketing/PR articles on line, but zero reviews.

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Jim, that's the thing that has struck me as the most strange throughout this whole Starke thing. You'd think that once they had a drivable prototype, they'd be anxious for reviewers to take it for a spin.

Like you, though, I haven't been able to find any evidence that anyone has ever driven the car outside of the promo video they posted. Or, any evidence that a second car was ever produced.

Would sincerely like to see this, and I do wish Starke well, but so far, nada.


I've sort of kept an eye on their marketing and any articles about them. I'd like to see them be successful if for no other reason than to add some room on to our tent.

Looks like they have changed their product offering again. Now they are offering a "Concours" version, and a "Pacific" version, whatever that means.

Their price point is still more than I'd be willing to pay, but that doesn't mean much.

They appear to only have the one blue car they produced for SEMA but you really can't tell as they use that slick program to produce likenesses in various color and trim packages.

I haven't seen anything on performance, but I think they would just rely on the Boxster performance reputation, they are all about aesthetics.

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