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I am trying to replace my starter.  I have an 80’s CMC kit, 1971 Chassis and 1972 engine (both Super Beetle donors).  

When I look at what I need to do to disconnect and in my reference material it shows two bolts that need removed.  But when I look at my starter set up... that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

I’ve got two issues:

1) My starter looks different? Or is different? ...and I’m trying to remove it   

2) No matter whether different or not access is TERRIBLE BEA5407A-FF3A-4F35-B79D-1B2AA21BE9FC9B90F269-1214-4548-8E5F-E91D646BD68A

Above you can see I removed one Nut  (bottom circle).  The top yellow circle is where I suspected the other “bolt” according to the mechanics guide, should be40843488-725C-4CCA-B3F3-302AF624B0AF

view above is the other side   Really hard to take the photo... let alone gain access to the part   

D2F68DF6-2B20-4636-A8C3-5CEF4ADFA6CEFor the last photo... that doesn’t even look like something that can be unscrewed.  Looks like a “U” shaped partial-circle or something like that.  But doesn’t look like my mechanic’s manual suggests it should be.   

Can someone please help me?

Thanks for reading.  


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Looks like a D bolt. The nut is on the engine side. The bolt has that D shape so it doe not spin when you take the nut off.

@JB356SR posted:

Looks like a D bolt. The nut is on the engine side. The bolt has that D shape so it doe not spin when you take the nut off.

That makes sense!  It makes me wonder if the one side where I removed the nut from is also a D bolt that I cannot see?  (Like the D bolt head is on the engine side)

If you have yet to purchase a starter get the " Auto Stick" starter ( has more torque) it has a self supporting nose cone that does not require replacing the bushing in the trans case. Advance Auto or Auto Zone under $50 with your old core.  NAPA has the for $58 exchange.  BTW when you set the D bolt through the starter stick a piece of Duct tape on it to the starter  so that it doesn't push back when you put the nut on the bolt. 



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Unfortunately, the part will arrive tomorrow. Knowing my luck it will not be the "Auto Stick" that you have suggested.  Below I have provided the link to the part.



Also, I was wondering if anyone happened to know the gauge of ignition wire?  The connector snapped off cleanly.  I need to buy a new connector to affix the ignition wire to the starter and it looks to be a very heavy gauge. 4 Gauge perhaps? Larger even?  Any advice here is welcome

hello guys...i have experience in this area,,,my JPS /SUBARU is on a 1974 pan and beefed up trans.....just like the 50 yr old WORE OUT SHIFT ROD that GENIUS john boy put in my $40K car to save $30.00...he also put a CHEAP CHINA MADE STARTER & CHEAPER BATTERY in as well....when both started to FAIL AFTER ABOUT 1000 miles i replaced both with a way better BOSCH BATTERY & STARTER....(and after the WORE OUT SHIFT ROD debacle which should have been a warranty issue... which is whole other OPRAH)...i didn't waste my time & effort to claim the same with the battery & starter...this BOSCH starter is smaller in diameter and was easy to replace...now is TURN KEY & dependable ...cant go wrong with BOSCH parts....just another of my 2 cents

I wanted to provide the update that I have received and installed the starter.  The installation went smoothly and the car fires up strong.

Thank you to all for your advice and knowledge!  I love this site and the valuable resources within it.



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