Howdy to all. On my new acquisition, a '92 Beck Spyder (which I believe has the same steering column set up as any current Beck Speedster), I have a crap turn signal unit that is loose and needs replacement, to which a prior owner put some black caulking and this all needs to be cleaned up. Planning to replace the parts including switching to a pretty, new banjo-style wheel.  Before doing so, have to address the steering column 'looseness' that I don't immediately see a solution.

Concern is how to eliminate the play (about 1/4") in the steering column through the firewall? I'm thinking a shim, or plastic/rubber collar would slide nicely around the column with the wheel removed, and shore up this gap. Would rather not drill or anything if I don't have to. Anything like this already made for the occasion?

DIY solutions that you folks see for this one? I took some pics of the situation...

Marcel C, Paso Robles



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Hey Alan, Thank you for the response, I think the $3.00 rubber pipe cap 1 1/2in diameter will fit around the steering column and fill the gap. The brace is a good idea. I have some room around the gauges and a few options.


I think fabricating a black faceplate with the same glass black finish may clean up the rest of the look around the column, once I'm all secure. 
Working on sourcing a new steering wheel currently.

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