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The factory bar is 12mm.  That's a bit bigger than 3/8"(9.5mm) and a lot closer to 1/2". It does work, and it's way better than nothing. I had this bar on my old Spyder and ran it for a long time.

Carlos, you'll need to bend it a little to clear the frame. If you don't want to bend it, make some bushings and attach it like a proper swaybar instead of VW's weird floating method. I'll bet that would work as well as my cobbed-together custom bar.

IMHO the aftermarket 19mm is a little bit much, I had one for a short while.

I made a custom 15mm bar from an old 911 through-body bar with bushings and end links(for those of you that don't know). I think it's just about perfect on a swing axle Spyder.

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Danny, that's what I was thinking.

I've already put together a bar from a 15mm Subaru bar and fabbed up some arms from 3/8" aluminum plate. I still need to bent the arms. I'm not sure how bending the aluminum is going to work. I also need to weld some brackets onto the car.

Sway bar sub

Then it struck me, the stock VW bar is already the right shape, why not install it like a proper sway bar.

Now, who has one for cheap?


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