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Hi everyone!

New-ish member... as in I finalllllly got an intermeccanica! I'm so pumped!

I have a question though... It's about to be stored for a couple of months and wondering what's the best way to connect a battery charger to it? Do you disconnect the battery from the car to do that? Also, I've read that you should slightly over inflate the tires by 2-3psi.

Any other tips would be great! Appreciate all of the knowledge that is shared and imparted here!

Have a great day!


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I haven’t heard of adding 2-3 lbs of air to the tires, but it probably won’t hurt anything.  I usually end up with my car on jackstands and wheels off the ground for at least a month or two every winter because I tend to mess with it during the balmy winter.

On the battery, leave the battery connected to the car and keep it charged with a battery minder attached to it like this:

There is a winter storage guide on the IM site, and yes it suggest 3-4 lbs more air and a full tank and gaz line antifreeze or stabilizer, I use one of the new battery conditioners which is not a constant trickle charger and my batteries have lasted fairly well.

Our issue is the cars don't move much hence if you don't drive it for a long period in the summer and you have a lot of gadgets that suck power you can find yourself stranded.  Hence I plug the conditioner even in the summer and I carry a Juice pack, from Allens, just in case.


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