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AND THE MADNESS SETS IN!!!! - Continuing to clean up grounds and other flaky looking wiring connections and testing as I go along but still no success. I am now in the process of replacing items that have been in this car for probably too long such as my turn signal relay and emergency flasher relay. I found one item however that I cannot identify and need some help with and it only says Made in  USA(see photos). It has a green wire going to the fuse box and a white wire that dissapears into the wire harness...any ideas? Is that another relay or a fuse IMG_0459 2IMG_0458of some sort and what does it do?


'56 356A Carrera Speedster Replica


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Just two wires going to it, not three?  There are three terminals, so is one unused?  Some Directional flashers have only two wires because inside of them is a thermo-electric switch that cycles on and off repeatedly once power (or a ground) is applied

Other than that, dunno.   🤷‍♂️

I would be tempted to jumper the green and white wires to see what happens.


Well, after a flood of great support from fellow speedy owners, I have the Black Mamba back on the road!!! A hearfelt thanks to all of you for your phenominal feedback and input. We have so many supporters in this group with a varaiety of experience and time in grade, with their help there is no issue is too tough to overcome. No one but us speedy & spider owners in this group know what it's like to be bitten by the MADNESS, aahhh, and the wind in your hair... The Black Mamba smiles again and she is anxious to put the bite on the road!


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@Dutch, the things in your dash are not sensors.  They are gauges.  Sensors are installed at the engine.

You and Wolfgang hit it on the nose , that item was a relay (probably for the headlights and I was actually able to find a replacement unit. After replacing this item as well as the signal flasher and emergency flasher, everything is working as it should!Thanks!

@DannyP posted:

@Dutch Exactly what was the electrical issue?

Dutch made a post for the problem and a second post after trying a few things. I took this from his first post:

"I noticed first that when I turn on my ignition switch it no longer activates my gauges either in Accessory mode or in pre-ignition mode. The starter mode does start the engine but even with motor running NO gauges come up. Once I start driving and the engine warms up all of a sudden all gauges come up and work??? Also I noticed that when I use the turn signal (left and right) it seems to affect the gauges i.e. the speedo goes down to zero and none of the turn signals work....I tried a new ignition switch but got the same results. Now I'm wondering if it could be a bad Alternator??"

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