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I came across an article and I seem to have misplaced the link but essentially the individual mentioned that a subie engine/car needed a Negative post  to body ground, Negative post  to engine and Negative post  to tranny.

He says that this has solved his hard starting issues in his car.

Now my story, I have had a CTEK permanently installed by my builder when I got my car, and  I soon found out it did not work and CTEK mentioned that it could be a ground issue.  In the end I did a subwoofer install and needed the space so I pulled it and used it manually in front.

Now fast forward, there are times I just find the car has a bit of hesitency in starting and especially if I don't drive it much and have not put the conditioner on the battery.

I am thinking of doing the extra grounds .... what does the collective think.

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This "collective" probably doesn't have much experience with this particular problem.

I have. Subarus are VERY sensitive to voltage drop in their wiring. I really don't know why this is. Adding extra PROPER grounding is a good thing. Use star washers, bare metal, then paint or cover over the connections in some way.

I went through a BUNCH of voltage regulators on my 98 Legacy GT until I added the extra grounding. I don't know if it was a bad batch of regulators(all alternators came from the same local auto electric shop, they were all under warranty). I don't know if maybe there were corroded connections or wires somewhere in my system.

I do know that the problems stopped after I added the extra grounding.

What Danny said about using a "star Washer"  UNDER each terminal is very important.

I don't paint mine because I want to see if corrosion is "growing" at the connection but this is my decision. Painting is a choice but the star washer in not. For those of you who may not be familiar with a star washer. It's those that have "teeth" on the outside and inside edges and those "teeth" are twisted at a 45 degree angle so that they bite into the metal of the grounding surface and the terminal when tightened.  They also help to keep the terminal lug from twisting when you tighten or loosen the nut or screw.  A nifty, useful and important little device !  Remember !  UNDER the terminal ! Not under the nut/screw !  It is not really a "lock washer" !...................Bruce

We use the factory Subaru grounds at the engine and a chassis ground, which the harness shares and have never had an issue.  We also grind the powdercoat off of the bottom of the alternator stand and adjuster so they have a metal to metal contact on the block.  Finally we DO NOT use the aftermarket chrome alternators as I have seen many grounding issues with them and new OEM stock just works.

@chines1 wrote: "Finally, we DO NOT use the aftermarket chrome alternators as I have seen many grounding issues with them and new OEM stock just works."

Well, that's because Chromium is NOT a good conductor of electricity.  If you expect a chromed alternator/generator to make a ground connection through the base mounting tabs, it's like putting a big honkin' resistor in the circuit between the alternator and ground.  

"Chrome won't get you home" has a lot of truth in it.

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