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Will Hesch posted:


...I thought that without a transaxle, there would be no rear wheels, hence, no roller...

I think we were assuming, with a new VS build, that the car would be swing axle. But, in the fine print, BW explains he's having Kirk build an IRS chassis (which can be 'rolled' without a transaxle).

If only I'd known that's a VS option - my pan was a '69, with factory IRS that VS cut out to install swing axles.

Oh, the humanity!


Before you get to your Suby Spyder, a couple thoughts:

It is true that a Spyder body helps with the radiator, as there is a front grill that can be utilized for air intake, unlike a Speedster. You will lose almost all of the luggage space of the little that there is.

I'm not a fan of cooling pipes running through the car, which is necessary on a Spyder. I'm pretty sure they can be hidden on a Speedster. 

Part of the beauty of a Spyder is easy engine access. Why have easy access if you don't have to work on it?

I know my car with tools and fuel weighs under 1500 pounds, 1476 to be exact. This means you need less power, and if you have a high power level, it is easy to overpower the chassis and make the car less driveable. 180 hp(at type1 weight) is the upper limit in a Spyder IMHO.

I am not exactly sure how much a Suby Spyder weighs, one of these days(Carlisle 2018?) we'll get one on the scales, maybe Phil and Ron will volunteer.

"You will lose almost all of the luggage space of the little that there is."

Wait.......    You have Luggage Space??  For what?  A box of Kleenex?

and Geez, Mitch.........   You could have been one of us "Radical IRS Extremists".

Oh, wait........    Those are Trump's current Fiduciary accountants, aren't they?

(Yah get a little loopy after power washing the house for four hours)

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Bwkirk posted:

Thanks everyone- just to clarify- I'm working on my Speedster build for's taken me a decade plus to do this so the Spyder idea is most definitely in the future.  I'll be going with AC for my speedster- mostly due to cost and as I said earlier I really like the sound of the AC motor.

Well you might be old and grey by then ...   

DannyP posted:

Actually, Gordon, there is a decent amount of luggage space in an AC Spyder.

At one point I had tools, top, side curtains, Jack, spare, and a duffel or two. I have even more space now, as I'm not carrying a spare tire. 

The Subaru version turns most of that space into radiator and ducting.


I have even more space now, as I'm not carrying a spare tire. 

How much weight did you have to lose for the spare tire to go away? Was it Weight Watchers or one of those shake diets??

Bwwaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa

Since it has been a few years can we get these embers stoked up again?

Not from this guy.

63 months is too much water over the dam to dredge up again, and I'm unsure why you'd want to, Mule. There have probably been a couple hundred threads since this one with T1 and EJ proponents each giving their respective reasons for loving their engines of choice.

Are you thinking of building a 904, and can't decide what to put in it?

You do you. It's a $100K+ car that's 3 or 4 years out. Buy your place in line, and talk to Carey - I imagine you'll get it ironed out before your number comes up.

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I’m very late to this conversation, but I would say if you base your decision on what is ‘best’ you would go Subaru.

However if you take that logic to the extreme, why not buy a completely different car?

I’ve had many modern performance cars over the years and enjoyed them all, but there’s something special about having something visceral you can work on yourself.

There’s something special about something that doesn’t drive like a modern car, and needs to have valve clearances checked regularly. Not for everyone, but definitely for some.

I’ve got a Volvo V60 Polestar as my daily driver. Not the quickest, but the best car I’ve ever had by any sensible measure, and way better than a 356 replica. But not all measures are sensible, thank goodness. I like it, but I’ll never love it.  

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