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I had my first "failure" the other day when my Speedster began bucking and then cutting off at a traffic light.  After a few 'encouraging' honks, I got it restarted, reving the engine and nursing the clutch, I got onto a side street. Long story short, the guys at Specialized suggested checking the radiator cap, and so I happened to have another cap with me so I replaced it and it seemed to fix the problem.  I haven't given it a real test yet, but the oil temp gauge was somewhere around 250 when the car failed and now it doesn't go above far.  I intend to drive it as soon as it stops raining.

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Meade I think you have a Beck right?  Do you still have enough coolant in the system? Does it need to be bled after ... SE might tell you the specifics of your setup. 

Also I don't know how much the oil degraded when it is REALLY heated up but I would check those things and maybe even change the oil.  That is probably what I would do but others might have a different opinion... Just saying. 

I was thinking of changing the oil, but I smelled it and it smelled ok. You can usually tell when the oil is 'burned'.  I'm still going to change it anyway, since we are supposed to be sequestered anyway.I still haven't driven the car since I replaced the radiator cap. "She" won't let me leave the house. I'll order another filter from Amazon after I look at the old one to find the part number.

...and Ray, the coolant level is fine.  I was afraid it might be the water pump but they usually make all kinds of noise when they're going out. I have a VDO oil temp gauge but I'd really like to replace my clock gauge and install a water temp gauge. I need to look on Youtube and see how difficult a task that would be.

thanks to both of ya'll.

Why do that Meade.  You might want to install this unit.  Engine Guard from Australia. 

This is the dual sensor model.  You bolt one sensor, topically to a cylinder head bolt and one to the a low tranny bolt. 

It will monitor the temperature that the metal gets to.  You see it here in startup mode. and it also can be set to BUZZ when it gets too hot and you see the temp whenever you want.  
I installed it fairly low but you can hide it, build it in or do whatever but knowing what is happening is pretty interesting and the buzzer is, well, just the extra protection you need.


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