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most of us know about jay leno's collection of MILLION DOLLAR CARS....but when he says "that's really nice" about your own personal car?...well, how does that not make your day? ...20210912_11472320210912_11284820210912_11272220210912_112207 my ride along with a few other shiny black diamonds...real deal speedster...E-type jag & rare dino GT


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jncspyder.............I worked for the City of Pasadena for 13 years. One of my divisions was trash truck maintenance. I was always amazed how this guys didn't puke working on those trucks ! I remember one of them had so many maggots in the back that they were rolling out on the shop floor like a broken 100 lb bag of rice !  I don't know how you did that for so many years !  I sure you have some stories too.  Thank you for your service !..................Bruce

@aircooled you are correct sir!....i have seen stuff that would make a buzzard gag!...i also had heavy equipment landfill training....seeing the things that seagulls eat would make most people seek counseling...not for the faint of heart & back in day before these automated trucks....lets just say, not a job for choirboys.... i appreciate your comment, i surely do!

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