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I'm in the process of adding sway bars front/rear so that I won't be slow when I get to SMO.

The rear bar is on but with the front I have some questions. The bar is mounted but I had to readjust my steering box stops as I had contact with the inside of the tire on one of the bushing clamps. I've turned the clamps to keep the threaded studs away from the inside of the wheel.

I'm using a bar that I had and it fit just fine but that was before I had installed dropped spindles and I see on the Aircooled site that they offer two bars for standard and dropped spindles. I have a new front bar which is stamped 9163 and believe its Empi.

When I mount this bar up it sits flat on the lower control arm (drivers side ) but will not sit flat on the other side as the grub screw and lock nut interfere.

Some of this might be normal/ok but looking fro some input/experience.


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@aircooled posted:

Mike.....Is that a rubber floor in your garage ?  I've often thought I'd like that blue rubber dimple matting in my garage................Bruce

Yes it is but they are just repurposed from a garage where I installed checker board tiles in a clients garage. I cut them to fit under all my vehicles (5) as a vapor barrier and I role them up when we expect flooding.

I put pieces of carpet under my jack stands to prevent cutting into the rubber material.

The garage this came from was a over sized 3 car and was used as a queen garage, not a working one.

@DannyP posted:

Mike, how much room do you need? You can grind the grub screw a little for clearance if you need just a little.

I'll have to take another look and see but I also believe the lock nut has a pretty thick shoulder as well. I'm modifying the bumper supports this weekend to accommodate this bar.

I don't know what the thinking behind changing orientation of the set screws as the drivers side is located on top. I would have liked to install what Aircooled use to offer with a drop links on either end to the bar.

We all had the same idea all at once. I took a 15mm Subaru rear bar, cut it and had the ends milled square. I made some levers from 3/8th aluminum.  That's as far as I got before I just went with the 12mm stock VW bar, courtesy of Dan Piperato Performance. I'm still going to do the 15mm bar at some time, but running the 12mm bar will give me something to start with.

Sway bar sub

swaybar 1

Yes, my stock bar is all up in that grub screw's business on this side.

This little bar, the limit straps on the rear, and Sportracs all around, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Now to tackle some of the other stuff on the list.


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Carlos G, you're actually the one who got this started for me with your sketch 3 or more years ago. I think I may be the first one on the list to build this type of sway bar. DannyP followed pretty quickly with his. It was easier to build than my overly engineered design. They work great. I'd build another one for my Speedster but have added the "Weight" modification to the front beam.


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