Tell tale signs of JPS Motorsports Builds??

Quite often Speedster replicas change hands and info gets passed down from one buyer to the next of who the original builder was. Without documentation,  can the experts chime in on some of the tell-tale signs of a JPS Motorsports 356 Speedster build versus Vintage for easy comparison? And while it will be tempting I am sure to bash JPS a bit, please refrain...I have read much of the issues of dealing with him...Much appreciated!!!

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Quite often the VS built Speedsters will have a curly red wire on the alternator.


I'm not sure what JPS does but VS usually puts a hole in the firewall behind the shroud covered with wire mesh. The paint finish on the JPS should be much nicer than the VS as he puts more effort into it. The fuse box on a VS has only five or six fuses in it and it's under the dash to the left of the steering wheel. JPS may use more.



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RoyP posted:

Thanks for the responses.....Lane, I think I must have a limited production model without the siding and woodgrain in the engine bay...that's a nice touch though for sure. 

Before you determine your “enclosing tin” to be woodgrain-free, you may want to slide under the car and look at that side.

John apparently thought nobody would ever see it down there. 

Perhaps there’s yet hope that yours is a fully-featured JPS, with all the bells and whistles. 

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