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MusbJim posted:

On the way home from West Coast Cruise SLO 2014, throttle cable broke at the throttle linkage. Walked around  and found a shoestring on side of road. Voila, McGuyvered throttle cable repair that lasted for remaining 200 miles home. 


Well I was thinking isn't that the father of drive by wire. 

Actually that is really the Musbjim method of keeping it simple... but on a shoestring budget  

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IaM-Ray posted:
Nolan posted:

Knowing Jimbo was a combat medic, he's able to patch just about anyone or any thing up.

Yeah, today he would be probably found in the ER as a PA  

@IaM-Ray back in the early '70s, the first Physician Assistant Program in the country was established at the University of Utah School of Medicine. The program is known as MEDEX. The basis of the program was to transition Vietnam experienced medics into civilian healthcare. Specifically, to assist physicians with the burden of patient care in remote (small town) locations around Utah, Colorado, Montana.

I am proud to say that in 1971 I was among the first few (75) selected from thousands of applicants accepted into the program. Eventually, family responsibilities and financial duress required that I opt out of the program and return my attention back home in SoCal.

However, I was fortunate to parlay my experience into a 30-yr career as director of Cardiac Diagnostics (and Rehab), Respiratory Services & Pulmonary Laboratory (and Rehab), Neuro-Diagnostic Lab and a few other departments in a couple of acute care Trauma Center hospitals.

I have been blessed with a good life post-Vietnam. One of the highlights has been meeting great friends through the SOC and sharing that gearhead comradery with these knuckleheads! 

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I hear ya Al, I had a retired Navy Dentist in Florida. He knew I was a Viet Nam Vet and he never charged me except for material such as x-rays, caps and Novocain. I hope you aren't including VA Doctors, I've run into a few good ones, one  great one and a lousy one that shouldn't treat animals; because of that one I'm permanently hampered by a torn tendon in my right arm. When I tore the tendon and had a bulging bicep she said is was strain and with time would heal. After a year and still with pain when twisting a wrench I saw a different Dr and she sent me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. After MRI and x-rays I was told it's to late to do anything, the tendon is detached from the bone and scar tissue would prevent re-attaching it. The Dr that said it was a strain was my civilian primary care physician, she left the office where I used to see her and is now a VA Dr. 

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