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Hello again, CAR is on the GROUND! Henry sent some more progess pics. I LOVE the "GOLDEN LADY" along with the original Derrington. Billet aluminum foot pedals, custon dead rest, Mb quart speakers fore and aft. I think its quite apparent from all these photographs, that this is a full blown "production" build" as good as, and better than any manufacturer in existence. Just my opinion.
Ive posted some additional photos that came in last night. Front and rear 911 suspension, with Bilsteins(Christmas) anyone? 3.2l motor being prepped for insertion. Powder coated calipers (red) with "green Stuff" racing, "dustless" pads. There is alot more to do, the pedals, gear shift, mirrors, seat, need to be set up to my liking.The interior needs to be finished out after the mechanicals are done. Some modification of the rear Fuchs to achieve correct relationship to fender well. All good stuff! This is too exciting.

Home Depot work shop floor mat material.

Found in the carpet/flooring department. Comes on a roll of 48" wide and they cut off what you want. It's usually black, and has a smooth side and a shallow ribbed side. It's about 3/8-7/16" thick and is open-celled foam material.

I used 3M super heavy duty upholstery adhesive to mount it; two good coats on the mat, two coats on the inside of the door, let them sit for 5 minutes to tack up and then sitck 'em together. You can pull and re-apply maybe twice before it sticks for good.

I used it inside of the doors, under the carpeting, under the rear seat area and as a firewall pad. The stuff really quiets things down.

He wants to put it inside his doors. They are completely sealed.

Besides, I've been running the floor mat material (total cost for the entire car >$20 and, believe me - I put it everywhere) for 6 years and have never had a problem with it "soaking up moisture", even when driving through the 4 hours of downpour returning from Carlisle 2004. If it was ever going to soak up water, that was the time to prove it.

Try it.....inside your doors it adds heft and makes it have a "Thunk" when you close the door, very much like an original, steel door.
Hi All, Thank you for your posts. Its been a treat to hear from all of you 356 people. Tomorrow, I leave for Vancouver to take delivery of my Intermeccanica Speedster. I wont need a plane to fly there. Its been a little over a year in planning and building. I cant say enough about how much fun Ive had doing this with Henry and his gang. As you saw on the pics Ive posted, quality reigns supreme. Any and all requests were entertained and implemented to make this "my" car. Friday morning will be very special for me indeed. The weather is going to cooperate for the weekend, soooo....Lets put the top down and get the right foot into it!
Howard is weather testing his car at this moment. It is raining in Vancouver this morning so Howard is getting a taste of the North Wet as we speak. I did drive in on Friday, met up with Howard and Ron Leonard and spent the day at IM. Henry worked with Howard on some fitting details like mirror position etc. and then we went for a drive. The car is a beast! Like a race horse ready to storm from the starting gate the car needs serious restraint, or should I say the driver does!
Still some stuff left on the final check list at IM but it's fully drivable and Howard is enjoying a weekend he's been dreaming about for a long time.
I'll post some pics later. Watch for his comments after he arrives home Monday night.
Hellooooooooo Everyone. Im back in the office after taking the Red eye from Seattle. Very long story in and of itself. When I get a chance, I'll post some awesome shots of my new ride. Henry and I developed a punchlist of outstanding items, which needs attention. All minor. Working with him has been wonderful. He and Kevin build rolling jewelry!. This is TRULY an all weather car. Not a leak, heater/defroster more than adequate, tight seals, power beyond redemption, just a beautifully built car. Pics to follow.
Ok guys/gals I'll EAT the Cake!!!!!! Feast your eyes on some of this. More pics to come. Henry is getting seat time, shaking out the car. He says its awesome, and then some. 915 with 7.31 gearing gives you useable torgue through the rev range, injector ultrasonic cleaining gives a good spray pattern and the Wong chip make this puppy JUMP. Henry called me last night to say that he's never built a car with this kind of power, smoothness, and overall ride quality. Will ship it out early next week. I don't think hes wants to let go of it!
Howard, the car looks unbelievable. The slightly flared fenders are almost invisible,but you got some rubber on the road Bubba! Some one posted with the question " How do you get 200HP in a Speedster?" I guess you and Henry have definitively answered that question. I think with the weather getting marginal in your neck of the woods, you need to reroute your car to "The Birthplace of Speed" Ormond Beach Florida. I just happen to live there and have a nice climate controlled garage where you can keep the BOMB until late spring. I promise to start it every few days to keep the battery up. And just because I like you, I'll take it over to the Daytona track and make sure all the bugs are worked out. I think Henry has my address. Just have him give the transport driver my cell number. I'll make sure I'm home to help him get it off the truck.
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