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The great race has begin and is in day  3 or 4.  There is a 356 Speedster participating this year and the link to the website is 

Very interesting with some awesome cars.  Check out the old Hudson 1950 +/_.

2007 Vintage Speedster/ Jake Raby TYPE IV engine

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From an article on the "Great Race":

The entry fee is $6,000 for a private entry and $8,500 for a corporate entry.

And from their site, it looks like this includes food but not lodging.

Can you tell us what is included in the entry fee?

The entry fee pays for your entry in the rally/contest, as well as banquets, festivities and activities (such as museums). The funds are used to pay for the awards and the prize purse as well as for the logistics of the race (we’ll have 30+ volunteers and paid staff members who will be conducting all the behind the scenes logistics traveling with the tour and staying at the same hotels). Lunch is also provided for the driver/navigator teams. For those teams who also bring along a support crew and/or spouses and family, we do not permit them to follow along or drive on the course during the day, but provide them a route to allow them to go directly to the next overnight stop and wait for the team to arrive. So, those folks would need to buy their lunch. (Many support crews wind up doing some great sight-seeing along the way.) Dinner is also provided for the entire team including listed support personnel. Many of the hotels we have lined up will be providing breakfast. All other meals, snacks and such are paid for by the participants themselves. You will pay for your hotel rooms, which should be booked through the secure website provided by our designated travel agent. We have negotiated reduced rates at each of the hotels that are lower than their standard rates. We do not receive any money and have done this simply to help save our racers and their support crews money and keep everyone together in one or two hotels as much as possible. All hotels are good quality chain motels such as Hampton Inn, Radisson, Marriott, Holiday Inn, etc, and recently constructed or totally renovated.

I'm now accepting sponsorships for 2020. I'll throw all sorts of stickers on my car for you.

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  1. (2)  Wristwatches: In addition, the driver and navigator may each wear one approved analog wristwatch without stopwatch function. A digital wristwatch is prohibited.

    1. Any clock or watch that is self-correcting or self-synchronizing by using radio, cellular, or satellite/GPS technology is prohibited.

    2. (5)  No other timekeeping devices are allowed in the vehicle.

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