The Tufted Wonder is Back, this time on BaT

I like the comments on words selected to describe the car.  Lots of $ went into that 1915 cc engine to get "reportedly" 153 hp out of it.  See that red diamond tufted interior will grow on you - just wait for it (see the coupe project listed here and SAMBA).

The "comments" section is more interesting than the listing. There has been no small amount of discussion among pedantic English majors regarding the appropriate use of "compliment" vs "complement", etc. There are lots of questions and opinions regarding the ridiculous rear negative camber. The "value police" who feel a compulsion to discuss the price of an auction (not yet finished) are out in full-force, followed by a few guys wondering about the Soviet nick-nacks here and there.

Actually, the hammer-'n-sickle badges sprinkled about explain a lot to me. Think:

"Opulence, I has it."

Not one comment about the wheels, or diamond-tufted engine compartment. A few wondered about a suitcase with a hole in the middle.

It'll be interesting to me to see what this thing runs up to. I think the targeted buyer is a Russian oligarch. Every pot has a lid, I hear.

Kevin - Bay Area (formerly SF-Speedster) posted:

@Will Hesch it's not the tufted luggage, fancy handbrake or Tag Heuer stopwatches that boost the price.  It's the double dashboard grab handles.  Add three if you want to hit the high $100's for Whitecloud

Kevin, I just ordered them from Sierra Madre.

I can't need them until the red velvet dash-cover with Elvis' face airbrushed on it is installed...

This guy was my first customer to buy my wind wings. They were prototypes, (note the two bars holding the actual wing) I now use a "D" ring to mount them. The red wing matched my car nicely but I went to the more traditional clear ones later. 

The owner is a super nice guy !  I'm sorry that he is getting such bad raps on his concept. Too Bad.....He has a lot of money tied up in this car............Bruce

Thanks for the insight, Bruce. The man is a proper craftsman, I think, even if his taste differs from some of ours. Speaking personally, I'd never spend that kind of money on such a project...unless I had it. 

Lord knows, I can't rightly lecture anyone on matters of taste or kit car frugality, given my bespoked bogus Suba-TD and my obsessively-overdetailed bogus Spyder.

Although I only met him once, we had quite a bit of time to dialog about cars. Based on that, I'm pretty sure he paid others to do all the work. If so, I can see how he would have spent the money quoted. I'm sure you all understand that I'm not defending him.  I think what Ed  wrote above hit it right on the button in a very eloquent way. Thanks ED..............Bruce

Wait...He didn't build that

In the linked vid with the two similarly-themed real P cars, doesn't he say he did build them? Yes. Yes he does.

4:59 (re the car in question): "I sold that and I bought two real ones..."

5:20 (Q: 7 months to do all this? You have a shop?): "No, we did this at home."

Q: You did this at home? What did you do on it?


He then allows that he had some people help with a few things. But the man is on TV saying he built the cars.

I'm not with it.

Yeah I get a little wild-eyed when MFs say they "built" something they actually bought. I guess that's on me, but still: there are perfectly good words for describing planning, designing, construction-managing, and purchasing stuff. See? I just used them. 

"Built" should be reserved for builders.

Bill Prout posted:
Banzai Pipeline posted:

they would need to have the steering wheel wrapped in ELVIS's scrotum to fetch 100K

If that's the kinda stuff you're into bud, but you might not want it known on the worldwide web. 

Brothel interior not my bag....pointing to collector value of "the KING"

Not referring to my preference or material choice, just a reflection of value and lack thereof

IaM-Ray posted:

Was there any engine surround tin in those cars to cool the engines?

If you're referring to real Speedsters, Ray, there is sheetmetal to keep the spent cooling air and heat radiating from the exhaust from entering the engine compartment just like a type 1. It's shaped differently, but it performs the same function.

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