Thinking about selling my SAS Cabriolet. Silver with Mercedes Blue interior. Built in 2008, insured by Grundy with an agreed value of $40,000. Automatic Transmission, electric windows, cruise control, A/C,  2.5 liter Subaru engine, 24,700 MILES.  Some fading of the rugs, a couple small stress cracks but otherwise in good shape. Could use new tires.  I'm now 80 years old and it's getting hard to get in and out. Any ideas what I should take for it?Porsche 001


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Hi Nolan,

In my opinion, you have quite a gem there.  I am lucky enough to be the current custodian of the SAS Cab built for john Eastman.


You have a very rare car that, to the right person, is worth what you have it insured for.  There aren't many Cabriolets available.    I love the extra windshield height, and mine has a ton of leg room as well.    I'm 6'2" with a very long torso and short little legs, so my head sits about the same hight as someone around 6'4" when seated, and I have plenty of headroom with the top up,

^^^That^^^  I totally agree with.

Nolan, does your car have a power-assisted top or is that what Jethro has.  I know each SAS build was somehow unique in that each had a special feature that others might not have and I can't remember what yours was.  Of course...Maybe it's the Subaru fully Automatic Transmission (which makes it pretty darn special right there!)

That is a beautiful car which has given you a lot of worry-free miles.  SAS cars don't come up that often and those who quickly buy them are lucky new owners, indeed.

The very best of luck with your sale.


For a current snapshot of SAS' customer satisfaction, Google "Specialty Autosports BBB complaints".  The first result listed is Specialty Autoworks complaints, which is the same business Steve Lawing has run for years.  Lawing changed the name to Autosports after his last bankruptcy, but BBB still lists it as Specialty Autoworks.

There are 13 current complaints, almost all of which are unresolved, since Lawing can't or won't pay the customers back their deposits and hasn't delivered their car.  What a way to live your life, eh?  This guy isn't just a thorn in the side of the replica car industry, he's an embarrassment to mankind.

Nolan, Just sold my 911 (owned several over the past 40 years) & am going a bit bonkers. Thinking diligently about owning a replica 356 Cab or Coupe for my final sportscar experience & hope to find the right one by Spring. Going on 73, retired, & the time is right. Would love to speak to you about the possibilities if you decide to sell. Your sweet SAS has everything I would want in a personal Putt-Putt. Would love to hear about your build & ownership experience. Please reach out to me in PA at or call me at 610-847-5375 anytime. Thanks, Alan

When I visited the SAS facility back mid-2000's, he was building his own bodies - or at least he had the molds sitting around out back.  I honestly don't know if he sub-contracted the actual lay-up of the bodies or not.  I would, but Lawing's business sense is way different from mine.

The reason that his flared bodies look like a CMC is that he probably borrowed a CMC Californian and splashed a mold off of it.  Pretty easy and done by many others before him. 

I've parked next to Nolan's Cab (and it truly is a beautiful car) and remarked that the rear quarter is certainly really close to my CMC.  Both have nicely flowing lines.

@Jimmy V.@Jethro Jethro correct. Ludwig said he did not like the way other wide body showing the wheel off center and he created his own off the other to correct the rear facing center. 

@Jim Kelly Jim is correct with complains still pending and no end in sight if his still accepting orders. 

@Gordon Nichols Most if the SAS already built would probably be the last and as mentioned a little special with auto and mid engine, subie, 4wheel disc, AC etc. 


hope you find a good home if you so decided to sell. I think at 40 that would still be a steal. 

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