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Yes sir, it certainly is. But at over 60K, it is in the serious collector category and that lets me out. This one looks like the stuff dreams are made of. It will be interesting to see how high the bidding does go.
Uhh, let's see, A real one that'll rust..OR one like George is ordering
AND a 550 replica with the works!! And change left over.. Duh,I know what I'd do!! :)
Stan, Eric et al,
Financing available. Proclivity towards Porsches real, imagined or fibreglas not an issue. Kitchen sink modifications and stand-up urinal options for your review.
No disclosures, pest reports or roof inspections required.
Need not own land beneath the wheels outright.
Inquire within.
"stand-up urinal options for your review"
Paul, does this mean you've got pictures of you peeing beside your car?
With just a half-hour to go...the bidding for this beauty is up to $73,100!!
However (and I hope you're sitting down), the reserve is not yet met! How much is this guy hoping to get??
Now hustle on over and look at the replica with the $12,500. Buy It Now option and take a deep breath!
I'll be out pissing alongside of my car...
Seriously, when I paid the princely sum of $27,500 for my 930, my dad's only comment was it didn't have a kitchen or bathroom...

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Talk about beautiful speedsters, get a load of Ola's pictures in the file section.
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