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Why can't people build nerf bars correctly!?  About 2/3 of the way closer to the body, a little smaller diameter material, some curvature and more underneath than above for the uprights and you'd have something there.  And that muffler hanging out like that just looks like an afterthought as well!

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Don't get excited there, @ALB

'George from Texas" seems to have branched out into "building" Spyders now.

Someone else will fix it and make it right, I'm sure (with a lot of work).

It does beg the question, though - With that ridiculous muffler hanging down there (and with what looks like a muffler hanger attached to the body), what happens when you open the rear clamshell?    

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@ALB wrote: "Why can't people build nerf bars correctly!?"

OK, let's do an experiment:    In your browser search bar, enter "nerf bars" and see what you get.

Not exactly what you were thinking, is it?

Now try entering "Hot Rod Nerf Bars"

A little more like it?  If you want to find the "proper" Nerf Bar look, forget about sports car forums - go to the "Hokey-Ass Message Board" (which was started back in the 1980's) and see what the Hot Rod guys are running.

I actually like the color.

Oh...and the busted tail light and parking lights might be the best features!

On a side note: I perused that very web-site last summer in my quest for some mid-century American steel.  It seemed like the majority of vehicles advertised there were pictures and descriptions siphoned off other sites.  I don’t think a single one was an actual vehicle available for purchase...I’m sure they’d gladly accept a down payment to hold the car though.  In fact; the same cars is listed under the “similar cars” section at the bottom of the ad.  The “similar” one has signal lenses though so it must be worth much much more!

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