Hi Bob, They are mounting point for the upper seatbelt anchors. We have a test called and IVA test in the UK that the car must pass to be registered as a road car and the specification for the seatbelts stipulates that the upper mount must be 31 inches from the seat base.

They are pretty ugly as we know but are being trimmed in leather which should improve the look. We mocked them up with the hood in place and they didn't look too bad to be honest.

I thought about having a cage fitted with some four point harnesses but ditched the idea as the cost of the car was getting out of hand.

May well re-look at it in the future if they really look awful. Henry at Intermeccanica thought that they wouldn't be that noticeable when finished as he had done one before which was similar.

Suppose we shall see in the fullness of time.


NIck, I know you must be overwhelmed at this point Just the time that it has taken to get the car done is exhausting but fun.  At the end of the build all the extra expenses that each little change or feature also adds to the budget.  

As mentioned above a sub is a nice addition to the sound and if you are contemplating cruise control for example you will need pretty much a dozen wires going from the ECU, clutch and brake micro switches and control panels.   It can all be done after of course it just adds to the ease  

Keep going you'll get there.... and it looks lovely  

Hi Ray,

For the sounds, we’re putting in a retro sounds radio in a nice painted radio pod supplied by Henry.

just going to have some nice period correct chromesd speaker grilles with some quality speakers behind them with Bluetooth for the phone and streaming etc.

we just want a nice basic setup so we can listen to the sound of that flat four with the hood down

weve been a bit exasperated with the whole process as we’re currently standing at 3 and a half years from when we first committed to buying the car.

Cant wait now though



"we've been a bit exasperated with the whole process as we’re currently standing at 3 and a half years from when we first committed to buying the car.

Cant wait now though"

Nick:  I know that it can take quite a while for an IM to be built, from initial discussions, to scoping our both minor and major details, and all the decisions that have to be made, plus back and forth communications.  Henry never rushes a build,  as he sweats each detail.  And you really do end up with a car, not like with some builders we know of.

Then, I suppose the shipping to the UK and the assembly there must have added a lot of waiting time, too.

BUT, once your car is done, you will really enjoy driving it.  I'm on my third IM, and was lucky enough to be able to have Henry build me my current one.

You need to enjoy the build as much as the finished car....

Nick, Sorry to hear about the issues and the time frame that your build has taken.  Building a custom car is not for the faint of heart for sure and can be emotionally draining as well. 

Retrosound is what I have as well and it works well.  

As for the telephone,  with the top down it is difficult for others to hear you.  Top up and at slower speed you can converse but your other party might not be able to hear you well... That is our experience. 

FYI,  In the end I installed a 4 channel amp and finally a sub woofer from them as well. 

Bob, deleted the radio in preference as we likes hearing his IM-6cylinder.  


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