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Hi guys, I’m listing my Rsk for sale. It’s just been through a major overhaul and sorting out. It has a brand new type 1 2180 motor with electronic ignition, dual Weber 44’s, straight cut gears, external oil cooler etc, all the good stuff, built by Greg McNair in Salinas. Car itself is a 3” tube frame car with 4 wheel disc brakes, front adjustable beam suspension, rear coil overs, all new stuff. Registered in California as spcn special construction, no smog needed ever. Registration is current thru 5/2021. Have all build stuff including original receipt signed by mcburnie himself. Super rare and fast car, all sorted out needs a new is located in Monterey area real vloseto lags a seca raceway. 500 miles on car total, few minor scratches on body, otherwise perfect. Asking $39500.

Brian Winslow 


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