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You may want to take a look at these:

For other discussions, go to and search on tires and wheels.

Also, isn't Chuck helping you with your build? Seems he would know right off exactly what would fit if you gave him the specs on the wheels.

Thanks Terry
I am not in the least concerned about "period correctness" (OMG!)
Just want to go with some different rims and tires that will fit.
Also I really like the twin roll bar set up I've seen on a few cars and would like to add a rear wind screen to prolong the driving season. Chuck said the 2 roll bars were non-functional on his cars as there is not a frame cross-member under them, but they sure look cool to me. I didn't want to ask him about the wheels and tires after the answer I got from him when I asked about running synthetic oil in one of his cars! LOL
Daniel: If you got some spare cash laying around (maybe someone mentioned you in their will), I would suggest you check out the Techno magnesium wheels.
Take a look in the photo section under "Cib" for a couple photos of the wheels. They weigh around 9 lbs. each. Even at low speeds you can feel the difference of these wheels.

"I didn't want to ask him about the wheels and tires after the answer I got from him when I asked about running synthetic oil in one of his cars!"
I almost wet myself when I read this...
Chuck isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, is he?
I think all the info you need is in the above links.
I can tell you that Chuck will want you in the standard 4.5 fronts and 5.5 rears w/ "tall and skinny" tires.

I asked Chuck a few minutes ago about running the Empi black 8 spoke wheels and he said they would not work, he had already checked them out because his son wanted to run a set he has on his Spyder that they are assembling now.
He said you don't need bigger tires up front because "the front tires are only for holding up the front of the car when its parked."
About the synthetic oil, he said "I had better not hear about anybody running any of that blanketty blank fake oil in any of my blanketty blank cars!!
Ya got to love him!!
Actually, I've heard from quite a few very well informed sources that high performance air cooled engines and synthetic oil are a bad combination. The oil seems to work fine (at least according to the p-car people) but every darn one of them starts to leak like a sieve. So it's not just Chuck!

Wheels on my car 16x6 and 16x7 Fuchs with 205/55 and 225/50. Probably a little too tall on the front end. Get some "impact" fender issues on rough roads. Probably 15x6 with the 205/50 or 55 would do the trick. This car is a little wider in the front fenders than most.
Sorry Angela, maybe you misunderstood me. I didn't doubt for a second that his answer on synthetic oil was right, also the engine builder recommends dino oil. I only ask him "why" the synthetic oil could not be run in the engines.
About your wheels and tires Angela, I would like to see a picture of them.
Carey, what are the wheels and tires you have on the Spyder in your pictures? I like that roll bar on your car.

They are made by Mangles for our watercooled version, which uses different suspension/brakes. The bolt pattern is 4 x 100mm.
They are also wider and take away from the turning radius a little.

Thanks, I like the look of the dual hoop bars too. It is a standard feature on the watercooled spyder. I am working on a wind screen for a customer in Chicago. Will let you know if it really helps with turbulence in the cockpit.

The thing about synthetic oil and leaking on the high performance air cooled engines was something I had read about on the Pelican Parts forum. Chuck evidently confers. The pelican people don't seem to have issues with how the oils work, just the leaking. I wonder if Chuck's issue is leaking or if he has some other reason for disliking them. From what I've read above, I'd be afraid to ask (lol).

There's pics in the photo section under Laneco. Let me know if you want a specific pic and I'll shoot it then email it to you. angela
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