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Check out Coker-

or BF Goodrich -

or American Classic -

I have 165R15 ‘  works with my clearances... and I’m a cruiser ;-)... . some like 185/65R15.

here is an old pic.  My latest set are the American Classic... they were on sale.   I had them wiped... it helped with the braking, reduce road noise, and helps when driving in the rain ( or so I like to believe).  Before I had the Coker- they came with the car when new... they were great, but a neighbors remodel ( and lazy contractor who left screws and nails scattered around the street for weeks) ruined them last summer.3593846C-E967-4F8C-901E-F1CCD6ECEF75

SIDE NOTE: if you have wide-5 wheels, you may want to consider picking up a tire balance adaptor.  Most big local shops won't have the adaptor for these older wheels ( like Costco, lesScwab, Discount tires, etc.. the traditional and inexpensive shops that would mount/sipe/ balance your tires.   I called all my local shops, and no one had them... and I wanted my wheels/tires balanced after installation...  surprised me since we have several great VW speedshops around.

Samba link has them for sale-


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  • 3593846C-E967-4F8C-901E-F1CCD6ECEF75
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@Lfepardo posted:

Million thanks Ray!!!

the wheels are the vintage 190s in silver.  I have a set of the polished 190s ( chrome looking) as well... but seem to really favor the silver.  Greg did an awesome job with those wheels... local VW guys love them!!!

Totally agree! They are certainly sweet looking and a bargain on the wallet. I have a set in silver powdercoat. They look GREAT without caps on a Spyder.

Tim, what size tires are you running?

From your avatar pic it looks like your wheels are the standard steel four bolt/ 8 slot wheels... likely R15 x 4.5 or 5.5 wide.

The 165R15 will work with the standard steel wheels without any clearance issues (they did in my VS car before I changed wheels)... it’s if you are considering bumping up to the 185/65R15 that you need to do a little math before pulling the trigger, as your wheel backspacing and your front/rear set up will come into play.

there are some great calculators out there to help with the math... happy to dig one up if you need help.


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