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It looks like you have old school 165/80x15" tires.  Popular back in 70-80's on VW, Volvo, Saab, Porsche.  Often the 80 aspect ratio is not molded in tires. Check side wall on tires to confirm size.  That size is still available but not in many brands. TireRack has VREDESTEIN SPRINT CLASSIC Grand Touring Summer for $119 each. They also have Continental Contact pro for $78 and Yokohama at  $95. Nakang CX668 are about $50. There are some unknown brands made in Korea but I'd avoid them.  The Conti's look like a good choice for both we and dry performance with a goo tread life. Or you can go with more popular 185/65x15 which will lower the car about an inch all around.


Check with walmart--just saved $48 per time for an Elantra (Goodyear Eagle LS) and saw a set of 165x80 x15 on the shelf--something like $45 per tire. You could have a fender clearance problem with the 185/65x15--wanna know why I know. This is more relate to the CMC/Fiberfab molds. All depends on how you will use your car and how deep the pockets. Decide how you will use it then decide on the tires.

Lane Anderson turned me on to the Vredestein Sprint Classics and I'm on my second set.  They look a lot like a Michelin tire and wear and ride wonderfully.  It's a good-looking tire too with very classic appearing  treads.  I like these Dutch tires infinitely more than those from Korea or Japan. I can't recommend them too much and going 75-80 on the interstates demands a solid performing tire.  I like 'em.  Thanks, Laner!


The first set was 185/60-15, which was a bit too low in profile, but the widest tire that would fit.  They were nice and sticky, but got old, just like me.  The new ones are (I believe) 165/70-15 or 165/78-15s.  The ride nicely and stick well for suck a tall tire.  They also look more period correct and I no longer have the speedometer error I had.

I found this Tire Size Comparison tool helpful to measure impact of different sized tires.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 7.24.22 AM

I'm leaning between the Vredestein Sprint Classics (either the stock size 165/80r15 $119 or the larger 185/70r15 version $168) or some of the more well reviewed Amazon tires. You can get a Nankang CX668 for under $50 a tire.

My front tires are wearing down after 12k miles. My rear tires are just fine.


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