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Thank you. Mine did not come with the tonneau cover. I’m considering buying one from VSC. They’re about $700. Unless I can find a slightly used black tonneau cover for sale.

I really like the look of the boot cover with the straps to hold the top. Seems with the tonneau cover I’d leave it on most of the time when the top is down in the spring, summer and fall and just zip up the tonneau cover when it’s parked for any length of time.

im curious what other drivers are doing. I rotate between the Speedster and my ‘87 Targa.

thanks, guys!

Most guys never put the top up. I use the tonneau when parked un-attended. Keeps most people out. The car is less inviting with the tonneau zipped.

Seriously, I have come out of restaurants and found people sitting in the car taking selfies! Using a cattle prod on them comes to mind. People today are selfish, rude, and without manners.

I usually park within sight but that's not always an option.


What Danny said.

I never use the top unless forced to by unplanned circumstances.

The tonneau is always on the car, and always zipped shut when parked — for all the reasons Danny mentions. Driving alone, zipped over the passenger side with the heat on, you're much warmer than in a completely open car.

After 10 years, the original VS canvas tonneau has held up very well, looking only slightly weathered (I mean, patinaed ) . Light colored canvas will show water marks after being wet, probably because dirt and dust that settle on it soak in and stain. I have cleaned it with soap with good results, but if you're worried about staining, go with black. I think Greg at VMS uses the same tonneau supplier that the old VS did.

Can't overemphasize how this keeps wayward teens out of the car when you're not around, and leaving a jacket in the car feels somehow more secure, too. After a while you get used to the drill and it takes only a few seconds to button it up.

Besides, a tonneau cover that you have to snap closed by hand is just one more of those old-school traditions that only you and grizzled Morgan drivers will ever understand from now on.

After us, the abyss.


Based on comments such as those expressed by Danny and Mitch, I ordered my VMC speedster with a full tonneau.  I’m really glad I did and recommend it highly as a very worthwhile purchase.

But would it keep rain out of the cabin?  If only exposed briefly to light rain and no wind - maybe.  Change one or two of those conditions and I can’t imagine something not getting wet.  Consider up around the dash - some of the rain falling on the windshield frame is going to drip down the interior side of the windshield, and that is gonna get the dash wet.  Add some wind in an inconvenient direction and turn the knob upward on rainfall intensity and I think you’ll have a mess.  Maybe I’m wrong, but that sure seems the likely outcome to me.

Here is a slightly different question, and may get to the heart of what you want to know - if forced to park a speedster outdoors when rain is likely, what has a better chance of keeping the interior dry - a full tonneau buttoned closed, or the top up and tightened?

Again, @Jon T

Some of us are speaking from EXPERIENCE. I actually wash my car. Yes, you will get some drips down the door, but that's a directed hose. Water will get UNDER even if you're careful.

I'm sure rain will get in IF it's a downpour and windy. But I have had the car overnight at Carlisle(and we all know it rains there in the spring!) and the interior is dry in the morning. Even with steady rain.

Rain would have to get driven in at a pretty good angle to get under the tonneau in the dash area. There it's pretty protected by the angled windshield. In NY, we have paper registration stickers. My stickers would have fallen off the car or been destroyed if things are as Jon predicts. But in fact, after 17 years, my stickers have all remained intact. That is despite all the water they've seen over time.

If parked overnight I'd put the top up if I had one and the chance of rain was high, yes.

What I did? Put the tonneau up. If major rain predicted, I'd open the hood and clamshell and put a heavy plastic dropcloth over the passenger compartment. I close the frunk and clamshell over the plastic to hold it in place. Works a treat.

Also, I've only had black canvas. It looks great even after all these years. The first one was from 2002 and was still looking great in 2016 when the car met its end.

Ok, from my experience a tonneau is a great protection from clueless people and a fair protection against weather, although the top (and side windows) are better at the latter. The only times my car was left outside in the rain overnight were Carlisle or the Tour de Smo', and I always put the top up overnight if there was a chance of rain.  My tonneau sagged, pooled, and would eventually leak if there was much rain, but the top did not.  The only rain intrusion there was around the side windows.

"do all the Speedsters by VSC have the snaps to be able rod put the tonneau cover on if it didn’t come with it to begin with?"

On most cars (and at least on mine) the same rear snaps are used for both the convertible top and the tonneau.  That also means that, unless the builder is using a precise template for where the snaps are installed, no two cars have them in exactly the same places.  That means that if you now have a top, you get the tonneau without snaps installed and either install them yourself of have a top place do it for you so they'll all line up correctly.

@Stan Galat posted:

I don't have a tonneau, but it's only because I ran out of money on my car when it was going together. If you think there's even a chance you'll want one, you need to get the snaps/studs put in on the dashboard side before the windshield is installed.

I've had one in another car, and I can honestly say - I wish I had one now.

I can tell you how to install the snaps with the windshield on the car :~)

I can tell you how to install the snaps with the windshield on the car :~)

Do tell!

I have a quarter tonneau that is fitted, and an unfitted full tonneau that I want to get fitted. My snaps stop at the rear of the doors. I want a snap on each side ahead of the front of the doors, and one on each side of the windshield support. Nothing on the doors themselves.

I will have this done by a very experienced upholstery shop near me. But any information I could share with them would be helpful.

Thanks, Dr.!

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You can install a full Tonneau with the windshield in place: I remove the seats for better access. Measure on the new Tonneau cover the distance you want the two snaps L & R of the zipper.  Plot that measurement off of the center rod location on the dash.  From the underside of the dash, drill the two snap stud holes a bit smaller than the snap stud. Use a mini Phillips head ratchet screwdriver to seat the snap studs. (Wait until later to do the snaps forward of the door) To match the studs to the rear section of the tonneau from center, I press down on the material and mark with chalk one location at a time on the new tonneau cover alternating left to right. Then do the snaps forward of the door and lastly the two at the windshield post ....Constantly check.... for any variation as you install each stud and snap . You can, do this yourself. (Me, I take the 15 minutes to pull the windshield as it's so much easier)

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