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I  purchased a 2009-20015 speedster that was built by Vintage Speedsters, The color is cream I see many of this color on the web,

I need a little touchup paint.
If not could you know the manufacture and the number, It would help me a lot, I have a few dings.
Thank You
Don Caviston
100 West Ave
Unit N307W
Jenkintown, PA 19046
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You might reach out to Anna at Vintage Motorcars in Hawaiian Gardens, CA. Greg may very well be using the same color cream in his current builds. However, with paint fade and etc, brand new paint may not match as well as you think. Roy's suggestion of driving to a quality body repair place and using their color match scanner would be the best bet.



Don, my 2013 Vintage Speedster is 'Ivory', which is probably the 'cream' color you describe (it was one of their most popular colors then).

I bought the car new from VS and at the time they told me they were using an old Chrysler color called 'Linen Cream', which was used on a number of Chrysler cars in the '70s (I think).

At any rate, this seems to be good information as that's what I've been ordering from a local auto paint supply house and using as touch-up paint ever since (a small bottle seems to last about a year before drying up). My car has been garaged since new and the out-of-the-computer mix is still a perfect match.

The PPG/Ditzler code for this color is 3358. That's all my paint shop needs to work from.



The place I use will mix up a 1/2 pint and put half of it in a rattle can for ~$25. I second the suggestion of using their color matching cameras vs going with a paint code. Most automotive paints are a combination of 4-10 base colors.  Unless you’re buying the paint directly from the manufacture, chances are slim to none you’re going to get a correct match in a small qty like that.

Here’s an example of the “iconic” Guards Red from OEM Glasurit;



Or, if you’re not really that picky, you can just buy touch up paint online off the code. I use the leftover Brilliant Silver Metallic I had mixed up to paint my Mercedes hood for touching up my Spyder. You have to be less than a foot away to see difference, and even then only if you know where to look.

ps: If you go with a paint shop’s color camera, go on a partly cloudy day. Bright sunlight and dark clouds mess with the process.


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Don---I believe I have the answer to your question.  My VS was built in Hawaiian Gardens, CA in 2008 so it is about the same year as yours so I believe we both have the same paint color.  The paint is acrylic enamel which is very easy to touch up and is named  Linen Cream.  As I remember, Chrlsler used tis paint in the 70's   I get compliments on the beautiful color all the time.  The Chrysler number is AY69SY1 and you can buy it in small c 1/2 fl oz containers or an aerosol from Automotive Touchup Co.--just Google it for a phone number.  The color match is   perfect---I have used it down the years and it is easy to work with. I only have used the 1/2 oz containers ---they come with a brush in the bottle cap but I prefer much finer brushes that  I buy separately.

Next, consider buying a touch up kit from a company named Langka which consists of a pre-paint liquid to prep the spot you are going to touch up and a sealer for when it is dry.  It also contains something called a "Blob Eliminator"  which you use to make the paint repair the exact same level as the original paint surrounding the repair.  Inexpensive and a miracle.  You just put paint into the chip and it can be just a blob to totally cver the spot.  After it dries you take a piece of material that is supplied, wrap it around a credit card size piece of plastic and rum the dried blob like you were compounding it until the paint is in the formerly paint chip space matches the surrounding original paint.

I have repaired many, many paint chips--some the size of a quarter with this method and my Speedster always looks like it was freshly painted.  I even repaired a rather large gouge in one of the fiberglass bumpers by using several paint coats until the gouge was filled.  The repair  is invisible now.

Good luck, Don.

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