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Yes folks, it's on.  We will be in Brevard, NC this year, arriving Wednesday 29 September, and leaving Sunday, 3 October.  That give us three days to drive some of the best roads in the US through some beautiful country.  And make no mistake, this is a driving event.  We will probably do the Rattler on one day and most certainly will do Carlos' Deliverance Run on one.  The third day could be used for whatever folks want including wineries, breweries, the Wheels Through Time museum, or more driving.  We don't do a lot of sitting around during the day, but the evenings are open for congeniality, comradery, and conversation.  While we won't have the firepits this year we will have the party room at the hotel.  The manager/owner is a car guy and tracks a Corvette C5 Z06.  I've invited him to join us on our drives.

For those who may not want to go on the more "technical" drives, there are lots of things to do in the area, but I know where I (and Stan and Carlos and...) will be .

This is a low-key, not heavily planned gathering so dinners are usually spur of the moment decisions, but we always have a good time.  A couple of times we even had pizza delivered to the hotel .

I was able to get a really good room rate for a block at the Hampton Inn Brevard, so PM me for specifics if you're interested.

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A...........SLIGHTLY..........busy weekend in Western NC and nearby East TN

Fri - Sun: Audi Club of America, Fall Treffen at Etowah Valley Resort, Asheville

Sat: Smoky Mtn PCA: Autocross at Greeneviile Airport, Greeneville, TN

Sat: Appalachian Chapter PCA: Luft Vasser, Brevard, NC

Fri-Sun: French Broad River Festival, Hot Springs, NC

Fri-Sun: National Storytelling Festival, Jonesborough, TN

Fri-Sun: Apple Festival, Erwin, TN

Fri-Sun: Ferrari Club of America, Mountain Getaway, Grove Park Inn, Asheville (tentative)


So far we have:

  1. Little ol' me, of course
  2. Kelly Arnold - A friend of mine since the 9th grade who's bringing his Corvette C5 Z06.
  3. Stan and Jeannie Galat (@Stan Galat) in the Presidential limousine
  4. Bob and Anna Garrett (@Panhandle Bob)
  5. Jack and Alice Crosby (@Jack Crosby)
  6. Tom Raymond (@Former Member)
  7. Carlos Galarza (@Carlos G)
  8. Mike Warjas (@MikelB) and Dianne Croxford
  9. (Hopefully) Phil Luebbert (@550 Phil)
  10. (Hopefully) Pieter Van Rossum

Any of you in the southeast don't want to miss this.  Details are shown in the first post above.  These are some of the best roads in North America with some of the best people in the world IMHO.  PM me with any questions.

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OK, been thinking about this one for  a long time.  Lots of family stuff been weighing me down recently.  But still interested.  Our "Organizer" from SC claims that the event is loosely organized.  Hmmm, I'll say, ... but consider the source.  The agenda is stated as: Wed through Sunday; does that mean Wed is travel/arrive day, Thurs, Fri, Sat are drive-your-ass-off days?  Is that the drill?


To be clear to anybody who may be considering bombing down at the very last minute:

We're based in Brevard, NC at the Hampton Inn there. Everybody is booked for Wed. night through Sunday morning. It's a loose, driving based get-together with roads, views, and friendship not available at your local C&C.

Unless I'm mistaken, this is the 4th time we will have done this. I missed it in 2019 when Jeanie and I were in Europe (which I had hoped would be a more regular thing, before the "troubles"), but in '17, '18, and '20 it was a hoot. I'll come every year Lane pulls it together.

If you are on the fence, get off and come. If you were planning on 2 days, make it 3. If you were thinking "my car's just not running right and I live 16 hours away", fly into Atlanta or Charlotte and rent a 6-cylinder Mustang, or a Kia Rio, or whatever crapbox is on the lot. We won't judge your rental car. It won't be as fun as a speedster, but I guarantee it'll be more fun that whatever else you may be doing next weekend.

You won't regret it.

It didn't happen in 2019, Mr. President.  Ron and Maddie were hoping to put one together in north GA that year, but had a conflict and couldn't.  It was a bit too late to set one up at our usual spot.  This, of course, means you've made every one of 'em.  I think you, @Carlos G, and I are the only ones who have made all three - soon to be four.

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