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Yes, you read that correctly - 2022.  We have already selected the dates and base of operations for next year's run.

  • Arrival date: Wednesday 21 September
  • Departure date: Sunday 25 September
  • Hotel: Hampton Inn Brevard (in Pisgah Forest)
  • Group code: SOC

The owner of the hotel is a car guy (highly modified, track worthy Corvette C5 Z06) and may join us on a run or two.  There are restaurants and breweries located conveniently and fun was had by all at this year's event.

Hopefully this will be enough notice for some of y'all who have to put in vacation plans early in the year.  Note that we are one week earlier than we have been.  Maybe Maddie and Ron can join us next time.

1964 Beck Super Coupe

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